Thursday, October 25, 2007

Harry Reid: Querulous Old Woman

So Harry Reid attributes the massive wildfires of Southern California to the vagaries of Global Warming, does he? Seems there's nothing he and his minions cannot put under the all-encompassing aegis of "Global Warming" (add the ominous deep voice and echo-chamber effects here) which are then laid to rest at the feet of the Evil, Hitlerian Bush.

As the audio shows, once an inquiring reporter asks him about that inane statement - an inquiring reporter? - Reid tries to change directions. The original question asked him had nothing to do with the fires or Global Warming, but this was Reid's response:
“As you know, one reason that we have the fires burning in Southern California is global warming. One reason the Colorado Basin is going dry is because of global warming.”

A few questions later that inquiring reporter (I'm still surprised that any of them really exists!) asks Reid:
"Senator, on the California fires, you said that the reason the fires are burning in California is global warming?"

And here's where Reid switches directions:
"No. Here’s what I - I didn’t say the reason the fires were burning in Southern California was global warming ... "

C'mon, Harry, how deaf and stupid do you think we are? Isn't it time you retired?

As Sister Toldjah writes:
The obvious question (to me) anyway is: What are Reid’s credentials to be confidently asserting that the Southern California wildfires are a product of global warming? Has he been out there and conducted his own little investigation? I mean, haven’t we been told countless times by global warming alarmists that people who aren’t scientists, meteorologists, climatologists, and the like shouldn’t be weighing in on the global warming debate? Well, that is unless your name is Al Gore, of course, and then you’re allowed to spout off all the unprovable nonsense you want to about the impending “doom” we will face if we don’t deal with this “urgent crisis” now, in spite of the fact that Gore is not an expert in his chosen “field” and in fact, if I’m not mistaken, the best he could do in college on environmental-related courses was a “C.” Let’s remember that Reid himself is no gw expert either, as he has a law degree, not any degree in a science-affiliated field.

Duane R. Patterson writes about the Q & A at Hugh Hewitt's Townhall Blog. It's titled, "Harry Reid Blames California Wildfires On Global Warming...Before He Denies He Said It." Read the entire thing.

Rovin tells us that Senator Babs Boxer (D - Leftist Coast) is also bringing her non-existent scientific credentials to play in the Dem's Blame Game:
Blame game begins............

It's being reported that U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, who's district includes Southern California, has made this disaster political by stating that there are too many national guard in Iraq that should be home to help in fighting the fires. While fire officials say more resources could have always been supplemented, the conditions on the ground would have made little difference in this battle because of the natural fuel supply and the 30 to 50 mile an hour winds that made this inferno unstoppable.

I would ask this question [of] Boxer: "Why did you let these conditions develop in your region that many knew was a disaster waiting for the right time to strike?"
Read this and look at the list of conditions he alludes to, and ask yourself why these Dems are still being re-elected when they cannot do the bare minimum to protect their constituents? In fact they collude with clueless environazis to keep the people from doing the things that might mitigate the scope of these fires. The same thing happened in the massive fires in Yellowstone in 1988. Remember those? Remember how the Democrats blamed the Republicans for this disaster? Remember the screams of indignation against President Reagan for causing this?

And what was the cause? Besides the natural order of things? Environazis making rules that forbade the clearing of tinder, debris, and anything else that fuels fires. They were one of the causes of the huge conflagration at Yellowstone, with their "back to nature" simple-mindedness, and "Humans are the problem" world-view. And when the inevitable occurred, they did a 180 and blamed everybody else. Of course the MSM, reporting with their error-filled, now-typical lack of facts, stuck that blame to their favorite targets of the time (as now): the Republicans and the Republican President.

Grow up! If you create the very conditions for a disaster then you cannot truthfully blame anyone else if the disaster occurs. That's what little children do. Not adults. Stop playing politics with everything. Everything is not political! That's an old Communist ploy. It's not an American attitude. Got it?

Finally, Senator Reid, stop acting like a querulous old woman whose tea is too hot. Start acting like an American with a job to do. And bloody well do it!


Brooke said...

Whoopsie. I thought I was commenting somewhere else there.


Brooke said...

You've hit the mark dead-on, of course!

benning said...

Perhaps another cup of coffee? Heheheee!

Brooke said...

Maybe more than that... LOL!

Gayle said...

Benning, Pelosi can't do her job. She hasn't got a clue!

It truly says a lot about Harry Reid and others when they use this tragedy to further their agenda. They are shameless! Well, I suppose if they weren't shameless then they couldn't be Democrats. It's unbelievable what they try to pass off to the American public as truth.

If you've got the time, stop by Fractured Friday, or go to You Tube and look up "Night of the Living Democrats". You'll laugh your toosh off!

shoprat said...

I think the global warming has addled their brains.

benning said...

Or dried up their tea!

Tom said...

Obviously, if it isn't Bush's fault it's Global Warming (which is Bush's fault anyway...)

The problem with Harry is that is certainly isn't the sharpest stick in the pile. Unfortunately, he's one of the clowns running the country...

Anonymous said...

What a maroon.

WomanHonorThyself said...

LOL..old woman?..naw..more like a cretin...heh..great expose and exposed he needs to be Benning!

Bob's Blog said...

On second thought, Harry, keep on acting just like you have been! He is so transparent. You can tell someone briefs him, and then he runs out with the script.

benning said...

Ahh, but he reads that script so wooden;y ... you can almost see him trying to channel Algore!