Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Early Morning Grumble

I went to this morning - my day off but my body said, "You have to wake up! Gotta go to work!" Lousy, traitorous body ... *grumble yawn* ... so I'm up and sipping my Day Off morning coffee, and ...

Anyway I was looking at the coverage of the wildfires in Southern California, and the headlines are dismal:
‘We can’t stop it’
Officials all but concede defeat to wildfires as estimated 1 million evacuate
and some others are just sad because they're even considered 'news':
Find out who got voted off on ‘Dancing’ | ‘House’ latest
not to mention the obligatory sop to the GCC Priests:
Warming killing New England's fall hues?
... hmmmmm ... 'Hue Murder'? I can just imagine the angst of the Artsy set at this depressing non-news. Seems the Murder of Hues is not happening in North Carolina, according to Sister Toldjah's recent visit to Grandfather Mountain ...
but I also found ... wait for it! ... a Quiz! Well, why not? I have a pot of coffee, so I'm almost awake.

The authors of ‘The Intellectual Devotional’ challenge your history smarts

“The Intellectual Devotional: American History” offers daily passages designed to increase your knowledge of key events in American history. How much help do you need? Find out by taking this quiz on war and peace from authors Noah Oppenheim and David Kidder.

Now I got 10 of 11 correct, missing the final question. Which I should have known since I saw it on a PBS documentary film (that's a clue if you need it), but I claim sleep-deprivation stupidity. Give it a try and see how you do.

Note: If you want a good take on the California fires and the reactions to it, see the Liberty Pundit, then follow his update to this depressingly inane article "Ain't that America: Rich evacuees, poor evacuees" at Attytood. The replies are hard to stomach, and would feel more at home at the DU or Daily Kos. Just sad how purely stupid some people have become, isn't it?

"Stopped caring about New Orleans when the locals and the Democrats decided that the white people who were contributing, taking in families and showing up to help were all racists. Karma is indeed a bitch.

Posted by: at October 23, 2007 12:47 PM"

And the burning of the homes of the retarded morons who chose to vote for guvnor "Ah'll be back" is also a bitch

hope those moroons enjoy the ash and cinders that'll be all that's left of their McMansions........hopefully the insurance companies will tell 'em to f**k off when they try to claim - if they were dumb enough to build wooden homes in a firetrap, those dumb bastards DESERVE to be burned out

Posted by: at October 23, 2007 3:02 PM
Makes you feel the Milk of Human Kindness doesn't it?

I think Bookworm struck just the right chord.

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Joubert said...

I got two wrong on the quiz. My excuse is that I'm just about to leave work after a long day.