Saturday, December 14, 2013


I usually have the TV on, as a sort of companion, I suppose. Since I cannot afford cable, I'm limited to whatever is being broadcast. Not that big a deal, really, and I do have more important things to do. But the sound is, as I say, like a companion. So what is on? This morning I watched - a bit - Lucky Dog, which is interesting, and a Veterinarian show, with a Vet in Australia. Also interesting. Then comes Recipe Rehab. This show takes a tasty, unhealthy recipe that's some family's favorite, and remakes it in a healthy way. Okay, that's a good idea.

The problem? The recipes are now a lot more involved. And the worst part is the new ingredients. This morning's fare was a Shepherd's Pie recipe. I like Shepherd's Pie. And using, for instance, fresh potatoes, rather than boxed Instant Mashed Potatoes, is a very good switch. It's also much more labor intensive. Takes more time, too. What is the switch here?

 Well, use fresh taters, and cauliflower. Also a meat substitute. That's the one recipe. The other recipe? Replace ground beef with ground buffalo. Hmm. Now that's something you can find in every grocery store, huh?

And this is one of my gripes with this. Vegan meat substitute? Cauliflower? Ground Buffalo meat? Turnips? While these recipes seem much healthier, and probably are, who is going to go through the time, and expense, of shopping for these ingredients - check out some other recipes! - as well as the increased prep time? Your family is hungry and everything slows to a crawl so you can 'whip up' one of these?

Maybe. I can see a family giving it a try. But the next time they want Mom's Shepherd's Pie for supper? Will Mom or Dad go shopping for the turnips, buffalo meat, or goat cheese? I'm guessing they won't. ;)

And when I think of what is usually the increase in cost? It reminds me of the Extreme Home Makeover show.

Interesting, but the houses in question aren't 'made over' at all! They're torn down and a new house is erected in their place. Sure, we ALL can afford that, right?

*eyes rolling*

 Just something I was thinking about. :D