Monday, December 18, 2006

Make A Snowflake!

One of my blogging friends, Greg (Blandly Urbane of Demediacratic Nation fame) sent me an email telling me he had made a snowflake! Well! Following the link I found a Salvation Army site, hosted by Popular Front, using Flash to allow visitors to create their own snowflake, append a message, and email it to other folks. This is a charity site, for those so inclined, and they are raising money for their charitable works. It ain't bell-ringing, but it's very clever, and all in support of a good cause.

It only allows so many email addresses, so if you wish to send a snowflake to a lot of people, you need to make more than one snowflake!

If you put your mouse over a tagged snowflake, it gets bigger, shows you the name of its creator, and you then have the option of leaving a reply. It's cute!

I emailed a few folks before I realized I'd reached the limit of email addies I could add. So I got to thinking and decided to capture the screen images and shrink them so I could post them right here. That way if you are nervous about How To Make A Snowflake, you have some idea of how it works. Kind of like a snowflake tutorial!

Feel free to make a few of your own and send them off. Also, if the Spirit moves you, donate to the Salvation Army right on the site. These folks are among the Good Guys.

Click on the "Create A Snowflake" image.

Now, use the left button on your mouse and move it over the 'paper'. As you release the mouse the image of a snowflake will appear on the left side of the box. You can continue with your mousing until the image is exactly what you want.

Click on the "Done" button. Now the box will change and you have the opportunity to put your name and a message on it.

Click the "Add" button, and you can now add email addresses. When you're done click the "Send" button and your snowflake is on its way!

Hey, give it a try! Let your kids or grandkids take a shot at it, too. When you are through, surf on over to the Demediacratic Nation and visit Greg. Tell him benning sentcha! You'll enjoy his site. I do.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... kind of a smart marketing program.. what the heck. I'll give it a shot, and leave some greenbacks..

Anonymous said...

So far this season, I don't think I've passed a red kettle I didn't have a coin for! I especially enjoyed visiting with the three Korean War vets manning a kettle at the mall a couple weeks ago! Good people!

Always On Watch said...

I played with this for over 1/2 hour. Great fun!

Thanks, Benning, for letting us know about this.

benning said...

A lot easier than actual paper and scissors, isn't it? :D

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Benning!..well Colorado sure doesnt need fake snowflakes now..LOL

vbspurs said...

Hey, Benning, thanks for the tip! I love snowflakes, and as you say, it's easier than paper and scissors. ;)


camojack said...

Flaky... :-)

Gayle said...

Like Anna, I haven't ignored a red kettle this Christmas season either, but I'll go over and take a look. Sounds like a fun and Christmasy thing to do. Thanks, Benning! :)

Brooke said...

It was one heck of a load of fun! Thanks, Benning!