Friday, December 22, 2006

Double-Tagged! Why, Oh Why?

Well, it happened! I got tagged! And not just once, either. I got tagged twice! Oy!

I guess I should start with Brooke's tag, via Always On Watch via ... quite a few folks. So here goes.

3 Things I would like for Christmas:
1) I would like to have a major Publisher, or a Motion Picture Producer, discover my book. It would suddenly appear on book shelves, instead of being strictly an online ordering item. The royalties might actually get hefty, and can you imagine how nice it would be to get paid for the Motion Picture rights? Wow!

2) I would like to find a nice, pretty woman who could fall in love with me (with all my many faults), and me fall for her.

3) I would like to learn that this nation's enemies have been found, captured or killed, and exposed to the world for their Evil nature. (yeah, I know: not likely, but I'd like it for Christmas!)

3 Things I don’t want for Christmas:
1) Furniture or anything big. I have the feeling I won't be able to afford the next - expected - rent increase, and I don't want to be bogged down with more junk to move.

2) Green Bean Bake. I know some folks enjoy it, but I only like the french fried onion rings. The casserole itself is just nasty!

3) Car trouble! Any funds I've managed to save for the last two years - indeed, the last decade! - have been sucked dry with huge car repairs. I'm just tired of it. Maybe the Lord can bless my wheels and keep them rolling nicely until I can afford a new car!

Hey, feel free to do this Meme yourself. I'm not tagging anybody with it. Too close to Christmas to nail somebody else. LOL

Now to the second tag. Patrick nailed me with this one, and it's a toughie! So this took a little thinking. I certainly don't want to embarrass myself publicly, now do I? This Meme asks me to list six things that are weird about me. Yeesh! Where do I begin?

Six Weird Things About Me:
1) It has been over two years since the love of my life decided I was never going to amount to anything - not enough ambition - and would never make enough money, and left me. Yet I still miss her. And that's just stupid. Or weird. I'll settle for weird. *sigh*

2) I enjoy Broadway musicals. Listen to Robert Goulet singing "If Ever I Would Leave You" and tell me you aren't moved! I performed in musicals in school, icluding in College, and I love 'em! I'm a straight guy who loves Musicals!

3) I enjoy a bowl of chili con carne for breakfast. No, not on a work day - that's cruel to my co-workers! - but now and then, a hot bowl of chili is just what I need for a morning meal!

4) From beer #3 to beer #6, I am the most voluble, annoying, talkative, opinionated jackass on the face of the earth. From beer #7 I am comatose. I stop at beer #2. Any wonder why?

5) I love Scrapple! Dang! Fried until the outside of the slices are crisp, with a dash of catsup atop the steaming product, it's a Pennsylvania treat! Hard to get down here in Florida, and a lot of folks abhor the stuff, but I love all those pig parts, mushed into a loaf, sliced and fried. mmMMMMMmmm! :D

6) If I sleep on my back I stop breathing. Yeah, it's Sleep Apnea, but it's weird, too! And scary. Because when it really hits, Apnea paralyzes the body. Not the mind. Imagine not being able to breath, or move. Yeesh! Weird!

7) Bonus! I am so claustrophobic I can give myself panic attacks just visualizing tight spaces. I was reading a novel by Lee Child in which the hero is trying to move from one dark cavern into another through a small tunnel. It's so small that he ends up wedged tightly inside, his flashlight dead, and rats running over him. About the time that he begins screaming in fear I had to close the book and walk around for a bit. Look: it's a novel! And I was getting claustrophobic just reading about it! And that's just weird!

Well, that's it! Yeah, there's plenty else that may be considered weird, but why be a glutton, eh? Again, feel free to play along yourself. Heheheee!

And have a very Merry Christmas!


Brooke said...

The double whammy, huh? Sooooory!

Merry Christmas, Benning.

Joubert said...

Oops, sorry to have piled on you. Actually you're not weird at all. All those things you listed sound pretty ordinary. Two years to get over the love of your life is nothing. It took me 15 years to get over the first real love of my life. A straight guy liking musicals is a bit weird but what's not to like about musicals? And chili makes a fine breakfast. I also have apnea and commiserate. It is awful. Oh gosh, now you've reminded me that I'm claustrophobic - cannot be put in a MRI machine.

I hope Santa brings you what you want for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas man! I hope you find one (woman) and a good one (car). I'll be praying for you.

camojack said...

"5) I love Scrapple!"

Mmmm...Scrapple! I'm (somewhat) surprised that you can get it in Florida at all. FYI, it's ½ cornmeal...

benning said...

Brooke: S'alright! It was fun. Merry Christmas!

Patrick: Thanks. LOL

Elmer's Bro: Big thanks!

Camo: So, you're saying it's a health food? Alright! Heheheee!

defiant_infidel said...

Benning, a very hearty Merry Christmas to you! I can't imagine that a good and fine woman has not knocked your door down, but that simply must mean that she is still on her way to see you. Keep the lights on for her, my friend, for that which is not involving risk and chance is not worth having at all.

Very best wishes!

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..I got the double whammy too Benning and only got thru one so far..LOL..blessed holidays to u my friend!!

KWR said...

Hope you had a great Christmas Benning. Growing up in NJ I loved Pork Roll especially on a sandwich with cheese and ketchup or with a fried egg. Is Scrapple the same thing? From the link it sounds good.