Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Blogger Visits - Updated

Camojack of "Uncommonly Sensible" is in Florida this week, visiting family. He emailed me before Christmas to tell me that, and wondered if I'd be interested in getting together. Well, of course! Not only is Camo a fellow blogger, and a frequent visitor to this blog, but he's from my old home grounds, near Philadelphia. "Philly" as we like to say.

He called me yesterday to say he'd made it to his sister's place on the east of Orlando. So we decided - since I have no faith in my own poor wheels - that he'd head over to the Tampa Bay area today. I got some steaks and some Irish Ale (Smithwick's), and will prepare some cheesy potatoes and a fruit salad. I intend to feed my guest well! LOL

He's riding here on his Harley. So I did caution him to beware of Florida drivers. In honor of his wheels I am wearing my M&M Harley t-shirt.

Walp, off to the laundry room to finish that chore. Can't wait to "meet" a fellow blogger! Catch you all later!

Update: Well Camo arrived around 4:30, having endured the Snowbird traffic along I-4 and I-275. His arrival was heralded by the loud tunes on his Harley. It's a big bike with all the trimmings, and a sound system was state-of-the-art. Oy!

From his picture on the bike (see above), I expected one of those big, burly Biker Dudes. But Camo is an average-sized fellow, wearing a small pony tail, and decked in ... you guessed it... camo pants!

We repaired to my apartment and opened some Smithwick's Irish Ale, lit up some Cohiba cigars that he brought with him (sweet cigars!), and chatted away. We ate supper, as described above, and I found out that Camo does something my brother does. He eats one thing at a time, then moves on to the next item. So he ate the steak. Then he ate the cheesy potatoes, and then he dug into the fruit salad with cherry dressing. LOL My brother does exactly the same. No hitting a bit of this and a bit of that. So that felt a bit like old times, y'know?

We made time to watch Jeopardy! on my TV (antenna with crummy reception), and we both did well. Sadly neither of us won a single dollar! But we actually did better than the actual contestants. We are neither of us dummies. Hah!

We both have similar attitudes about religion, politics, and life in general. Camo has the luck of having a lovely Lady friend (who called him while he was here), and has heady plans for his retirement in Hawaii. It was a genuinely nice evening!

Camo asked if he could bed down in the living room. Well, why the heck not? He discovered that the easy chair almost lays back flat, so he slept there. I roused him at 6:45 in the morning, and after he showered and dressed, and drank some reheated coffee from the evening before, we headed out. Camo took off for his other sister's place on the east coast of Florida, and I went to work (yech!).

If Camo is riding in your neighborhood, invite him to stop by. As much as he travels - biking, hiking, boating - Camo may well be in your neighborhood someday soon.

Jack: Thanks for the nice visit! Don't be a stranger! Next time: Pork Chops, roasted Potatoes, Corn, and some sort of veggies I won't worry about until then! Heheheee! I'm glad we met, Man!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a GREAT visit, benning!

Brooke said...

How exciting! Have fun, you two!

Jack Steiner said...

Have fun.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yay!...I'm next on the list! sounds yummy!

camojack said...

It was great meeting you...on my first visit to the Gulf Coast of Florida; although I generally get to Florida at least once per year, I'd never visited that part before.

You're an excellent host. If and when you get back up this way, I'll gladly return the favor...