Thursday, December 14, 2006

Buy My Book: There's Still Time Before Christmas!

As I posted some months ago, my Historical Novel, Benning's War, is available in print. And the price is slightly lower, too! Wow! I think it's $13.98 right now, so hurry over! Meanwhile, re-read my original post from some months ago:

Yeee-Hah! Guess what? "Benning's War" is finally available in Print! That's right! You can order the book I slaved over, for years, in paperback! Ohhhh, I am so excited I can hardly believe it!


"Benning's War" is my very first literary 'child', and I am proud of it. I think it works real well as an adventure tale, as a love story, as a story of sibling rivalry and of growth. In my opinion it also works fairly well as History. No, it's no text book. But it hits enough important points, in relating a story of the American Revolution, that any reader can learn something about our Founding Fathers.

You see, as important as the Washingtons, Jeffersons, Adamses, and such were, the Revolution was won by ordinary Americans. Men and Women much like you and me, living in a simpler, but harder time. Men and Women who wanted freedom, and could only find it by throwing off their British parents. And my book doesn't celebrate the 'Greats' of the Revolution so much as the ordinary people who fought, died, suffered, won, celebrated.

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I hope you will go buy the book! Please do! I can use a winner, you know? ; )
And remember that it is also available as an ebook: Buy "Benning's War" in ebook!

The ebook is now available at! Buy other epress ebooks there, too! I know the writers, and they are very talented, and their work is impressive! Go! Buy!

See? Excited! Can you imagine what would happen if a producer saw the book? Hehehee! Movie Rights?


Okay, I'm calmer now. ; )

Please go buy my book. Notice I didn't use an exclamation mark? Impressive control, eh?

It's Available in PRINT! YaaaaaHOOOOOOO!

So why not buy a copy? Makes a great gift! Would I lead you astray?


Anonymous said...

You want me to buy another one?.... sheeesh.. how many do I gotta own .. lol

Most excellent book by the way. Couldn't put it down until i read the whole thing.

camojack said...

Having read it myself, I can recommend it highly.

I'll even plug it on my own blog one o' these days...

Anonymous said...

BU always has some financial excuse, but they're true.

I will pick this book of yours up one of these days, but in the mean time the best I can do is post an image link on my site of the cover directing clickers to lulu.

Would you prefer I link to your post?

Also, suggestion to camojack and abfreedom, pop on over and paint some praise upon the book at it's entry at lulu

Brooke said...

Congrats, Benning!

benning said...

ABF: Yes! I expect you to do just that! >:(

Camo: Many thanks!

BU: Either is more than I could ask! Thanks!

Brooke: Well? Heheheee! Thanks, Darlin'!

Joubert said...

Too damn funny because just yesterday I thought I'll get it since I enjoy your blog so much. Will now do so.

Gayle said...

Alright, Benning; you've convinced me! I'll have to wait until January though. I've spent so much money this month it's pathetic!

camojack said...

OK, mon ami; HERE is a link to my post about it.

benning said...

Thank you, Camo! I appreciate it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, enough with the procrastination!!!!

Payday is Thursday - I'll be visiting Lulu - I've been wanting to give this a read - The book will be mine (in purchase at least) Thursday

Anyone that buys it, don't forget the review page at Lulu

camojack said...


benning said...

Camo: You are having way too much fun with that! LOL

Thanks for the post!

BU: Many thanks for the image link! I appreciate! :D

Gayle & Patrick: I hope you enjoy it. Let me know! And feel free to post a review at - there're two reviews there now, and one is my mother's! LOL

Some folks at work have told me they ordered a copy (one of them is my boss!). That's a great feeling! 'Course now they look at me funny. "What's a janitor doing, writing a book? Hmmm ..."

Always On Watch said...

As you know, my reading your excellent book has been interrupted. But I love what I've read so far! I've simply got to make time to finish it.