Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project 2,996: Remembering

benning’s Tributes to the Victims of 9/11

Paul J. Battaglia

Mark A. Brisman

Gary H. Lee

“Lest we Forget”

USA Attacked

Devastation on 9/11

Amid the Ruins

Teardrop Memorial

American Thinker article about the Teardrop Memorial

More about the Teardrop Memorial

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Always On Watch said...

I just read the info about the Teardrop Memorial.

Shame, shame, upon our media for not telling about this.

benning said...

I had never heard of this. Amazing that people were checking on Snopes to see if it was just a hoax. I keep wondering what the Media thinks it's really doing when it picks and chooses the information it covers. Or ignores.


RaDena said...

It's outrageous that this is the first time I've heard about this, Benning - a fact that greatly upsets me. Correction - it infuriates me! Our MSM should feel ashamed of themselves. I don't see how they can get up in the morning and actually look at themselves in the mirror.

Thank you for getting this information to me. I'll do a post on it tomorrow and leave you a hat tip.

RaDena said...

Changed my mind. I did a post on it today and left you a hat tip.

benning said...

Well, thanks, RaDena! It is amazing what the MSM decides to ignore. Sad, too, for our nation.

WomanHonorThyself said...

just got home from the Memorial..thank u for all u do Benning,,,,,,,,,,

benning said...

Angel, I'm merely following D.C. Roe's lead. Either we remember these victims or risk losing many more in the future.

Thanks, Angel!

camojack said...

I had received more than one email about the teardrop memorial; it surprises me so many of you hadn't heard of it.

Anyway, as I (just) commented on your previous post:

"I emailed a while ago for an assignment, but didn't get a response, other than seeing I'd been assigned to a name at the Project 2,996 website on September I added an update to the post I'd already scheduled to be published that day, since I was out of the country on vacation."

benning said...

I'm afraid I got nothing about it until I hit that American Thinker article.

So you're back from across the pond?

camojack said...

Back in the good ol' U.S. of A., yes.