Thursday, October 01, 2009

Black Hearts & Missing Souls

From Big Hollywood - 9/29/09 - comes this list of the morally-deprived of the Entertainment world who have signed the petition to set poor child-rapist, Roman Polanski, free. After all, who says that fleeing from justice deserves a penalty? And rape? meh! She's in her forties now, and she doesn't want to be put through the sensationalism of another trial.

So why don't we all just drop this, okay?

Right? Polanski is a celebrated artist of the cinema. So we cannot judge him by our puny, unenlightened standards, anyway, now can we?

Got yer hackles up yet?

Susan Estrich, with whom I disagree on every political issue, nailed this to the wall. By now I'm sure you've read her commentary, "Roman the Rapist", but if not, go take a gander. Worth it, trust me. The Washington Post is on the right side, too. As noted in The Corner, they say,Roman Polanski - fled from Justice
"What matters is not that Mr. Polanski is 76 or that he has a talent for filmmaking or that his own life has been filled with unspeakable horrors or that the case is decades old. It doesn't even matter that his underage victim, now grown up, forgives him. What matters is that this man admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old whose undisputed testimony details how he gave her champagne and Quaaludes, got her naked in a hot tub and wouldn't listen as she — terrified — said no. He was originally charged with sodomy and rape but agreed to plead to a lesser offense. He jumped bail and fled the country out of fear the judge would give him more prison time than the paltry 42 days supposedly promised by prosecutors. He has been living with impunity and in luxury ever since."

Even the readership of the Loony-Tunes Huffington Post have been aghast and appalled at the support for Polanski, and the diminution of the rape to a 'well, he's an Artiste, so it doesn't count,' by the usual suspects.

Fact is, if you think Polanski is getting a raw deal, or should be let go, you're not worthy of notice. I tried to think of words to describe how low these defenders of Roman the Rapist are, but there isn't a word to describe how low these creatures are. They're the stuff you scrape off your shoes onto the curb. These 'people' are missing some important ingredients which make up a true Human being. Their minds are not functioning correctly - obvious, right? - their hearts are tiny and black, their very souls are missing.

How to respond? Ignore them. Oh, I'm not saying forget what they say, and have said. No, I'm saying ignore their very existence.

Most of these 'people' I've never heard of, and I see no reason to look into their personal information. So ... ignore them. Don't buy their books; don't go to their movies; don't buy anything they're involved with - as sponsors, spokespersons, and so on.

Show them the contempt they've so richly earned by leaving them strictly alone. If they can prosper with only the financial support of their fellow believers in 'The Elite are above human decency and norms', more power to them.

I'm not calling for a boycott - it always seems to be something too political - but use your power of 'choice' to choose other products, other books, other movies, other television shows. It ain't that hard, really.

Imagine if Polanski had done this to your sister. Imagine if Polanski had done this to your girlfriend. Imagine it. Then give these fools the treatment a moral society reserves for the evil: Shun them utterly.

I won't try to update the list of those evil-supporters who signed the ugly petition to demand Polanski's release. But these are the ones I found at Big Hollywood. Do what you will. As for me, I will leave them strictly, and totally, alone.

I have no time for those with Black Hearts and Missing Souls.

Full list: (it might have been quicker to name who didn’t sign the petition)


Fatih Akin,
Stephane Allagnon,
Woody Allen,
Pedro Almodovar,
Wes Anderson,
Jean-Jacques Annaud,
Alexandre Arcady,
Fanny Ardant,
Asia Argento,
Darren Aronofsky,
Olivier Assayas,
Alexander Astruc,
Gabriel Auer,
Isabelle Adjani
Antoine Aronin
Paul Auster


Luc Barnier, Christophe Barratier,
Xavier Beauvois,
Liria Begeja,
Gilles Behat, Jean-Jacques Beineix,
Marco Bellochio,
Monica Bellucci,
Djamel Bennecib, Giuseppe Bertolucci,
Patrick Bouchitey,
Paul Boujenah,
Jacques Bral,
Patrick Braoudé,
André Buytaers,
Morgane Beauverger,
Candice Belaisch-Goldchmit,
Yamina Benguigui,
Pascal Bruckner


Christian Carion,
Henning Carlsen,
Jean-michel Carre,
Mathieu Celary,
Patrice Chéreau,
Elie Chouraqui,
Souleymane Cissé,
Alain Corneau,
Jérôme Cornuau,
Miguel Courtois,
Dominique Crevecoeur,
Alfonso Cuaron,
Jessika Cohen,
Philippe Corbé


Luc et Jean-Pierre Dardenne,
Jonathan Demme,
Alexandre Desplat,
Rosalinde et Michel Deville,
Georges Dybman,
Jean-Paul Dayan,
Katarina De Meulder,
Arielle Dombasle


Jacques Fansten,
Joël Farges,
Gianluca Farinelli (Cinémathèque de de Bologne),
Etienne Faure,
Michel Ferry,
Scott Foundas,
Stephen Frears,
Thierry Frémaux,
Nathalie Faucheux,
Corinne Figuet,
Pierre Forciniti


Sam Gabarski,
René Gainville,
Tony Gatlif,
Costa Gavras,
Jean-Marc Ghanassia,
Terry Gilliam,
Christian Gion,
Marc Guidoni,
Louis Garrel,
Albert Gauvin,
Johanna Gozlan


Buck Henry,
David Heyman,
Laurent Heynemann,
Robert Hossein,
Jean-Loup Hubert,
Davide Homitsu Riboli,
Taylor Hackford,
Isabelle Huppert


Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu


Gilles Jacob,
Just Jaeckin,
Alain Jessua,
Pierre Jolivet,
Kent Jones (World Cinema Foundation),
Neil Jordan


Roger Kahane,
Nelly Kaplan,
Wong Kar Waï,
Ladislas Kijno,
Harmony Korinne,
Jan Kounen,
Diane Kurys,
Emir Kusturica
Thierry Kamami
Milan Kundera


John Landis,
Claude Lanzmann, André Larquié,
Vinciane Lecocq,
Patrice Leconte,
Claude Lelouch,
Gérard Lenne, David Lynch,
Gaelle Lancien,
Claude Lanzmann,
Bernard-Henri Lévy


Michael Mann,
François Margolin,
Tonie Marshall, Mario Martone,
Nicolas Mauvernay,
Radu Mihaileanu,
Claude Miller,
Mario Monicelli,
Jeanne Moreau,
Sam Mendes
Camille Meyer
Patrick Mimouni
Yann Moix


Sandra Nicolier
Mike Nichols
Sandra Nicolier
Marie Nieves Perez Neël


Michel Ocelot


Alexander Payne, Richard Pena (Directeur Festival de NY),
Michele Placido


Philippe Radault, Jean-Paul Rappeneau,
Raphael Rebibo,
Yasmina Reza,
Jacques Richard,
Laurence Roulet,
Salman Rushdie


Walter Salles,
Jean-Paul Salomé,
Marc Sandberg,
Jerry Schatzberg,
Julian Schnabel,
Barbet Schroeder,
Ettore Scola,
Martin Scorsese,
Charlotte Silvera, Abderrahmane Sissako,
Paolo Sorrentino,
Guillaume Stirn,
Tilda Swinton
Carine Sarna
Ysabelle Saura Del Pan
William Shawcross
Olivier Soares Barbosa
Steven Soderbergh
Nil Symchowicz


Jean-Charles Tacchella,
Radovan Tadic,
Danis Tanovic,
Bertrand Tavernier,
Cécile Telerman,
Alain Terzian,
Pascal Thomas,
Giuseppe Tornatore,
Serge Toubiana, Nadine Trintignant,
Tom Tykwer,
Alexandre Tylski,
Danièle Thompson


Betrand Van Effenterre,
Eugenia Varela Navarro
Diane von Furstenberg
Scott Foundas


Margaret Walker,
Wim Wenders


Elsa Zylberstein

Bear in mind, these are only the ones dim enough to sign the petition. Many others are yapping about setting Polanksi free. You know you've heard about them. Remember them!

Whoopi Goldberg thinks his confessed rape isn't rape. Ain't she a good person?

Polanski Crime worse than people know? - Caution - graphic! It reads, in part,
"The quintessential Valley girl, Geimer artlessly tells of how Polanski approached her and her divorced mom about taking photos of Samantha for a fashion magazine. Impressed and reassured by his celebrity, the mom agreed. After a couple of outdoor shoots, Polanski and the girl ended up alone at Jack Nicholson's house. Says Polanski, 'I could sense a certain erotic tension between the two of us.' At the time, Polanski was a worldly 43. Geimer was a 13 year-old seventh grader."

neo-neocon nails this weirdness, too. Also here.


camojack said...

Most of the signatories appear to be fellow directors (showing some kind of misguided solidarity, I guess) or a bunch of decadent Frenchfolk.

As for Whoopi Goldberg, it's about "par for the course" for her...

benning said...

You're right, Camo. Goldberg is a waste. As for those others, they've been outside normal humanity for a log time, I think.