Monday, September 07, 2009


Long time ago (internet-wise), when I was still playing with web pages, I looked for sites that could tell me how to make colors. Colors for backgrounds, colors for fonts. Colors.

On one site there was an image of a chart. So I saved it, and for years I kept it right on my dektop for quick reference.

If you're familiar with HTML, and you oughta be by now, this chart shows the colors and what the HTML code for them is.

This is handy and saves time surfing through the HTML color sites. It's compact, too!

So why not save this to your own desktop? It may come in handy. It doesn't conatain all of the possible colors, but it sure has a good chumk of 'em.


Simply click on this image to enlargen it. ;)

The origianl came from here. Look at the last time it was updated. Been a long time, huh? ;)

Just trying to be helpful. Happy no-Labor Day!

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