Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Project 2,996 Tributes: Early posting

I decided to open my newest Tribute blog - to Paul James Battaglia - so you can see that it doesn't take so very long, nor is it so very hard, to create a tribute to one of the innocents lost on 9/11.

Also, my original Tribute blog - to Gary H. Lee - is still open. Please visit both, maybe add a comment, and remember these folks. And please take the time, now, to sign up and create your own Tribute. Your help is needed. This coming Friday is the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Please hurry!


Update (Wednesday): It worries me that so many Tributes will not be written this year. So I went to Dale Roe and asked him for another name. And he gave me one: Mark A. Brisman. I feel honored to do this. I noticed on the list of participants that some folks have signed up for many names, a dozen or more! Wow. Humbles me. But I do what I can.

And I urge you to remember these victims of 9/11/01. Sign up! It is not too late, and never will be! Never forget!


Always On Watch said...

I should have signed up for more names.

FYI...Infidel Bloggers Alliance has queued up a series of special posts for today -- Midnight Rider's work. Even though I administrate at the site, I haven't peeked to see what's going to appear.

Always On Watch said...

Housekeeping note: Check the links for the names at the beginning of this post.

benning said...

AOW, what am I missing? What's wrong with the links?


benning said...

Never mind. Yeesh! Curly quotes in the links. Sheesh! I dunno why, but curly quotes throw the links off. I should have checked better.



camojack said...

I emailed a while ago for an assignment, but didn't get a response, other than seeing I'd been assigned to a name at the Project 2,996 website on September 11th...so I added an update to the post I'd already scheduled to be published that day, since I was out of the country on vacation.

benning said...

Even signing up - onsite - I had to search the participants list to find myself on it. But I know Dale had some computer problems, so I won't hold it against him. ;)

I also emailed him, once it looked like we'd miss the 2,996 number, and said to give me another name. I still had to run down the list to find my newest name. LOL

Hey, we did it, right?

camojack said...

We did. As you agree, we should never forget; this is one way to keep from doing so...and helping others not to do so either.