Friday, September 15, 2006

A Tribute To Gary H. Lee: 2,996

9/11 Tribute to Gary H. Lee: 2,996

From D.C.Roe:
In the interest of readership I encourage anyone who has their posts ready early to go ahead and post them. In the next few days 2,996 may (it's all up in the air right now) receive a good bit of publicity. This means more people on the 2,996 site, and more people clicking over to your blog. I see this as a great opportunity for more and more Americans, people, bloggers, whomever, to read about the amazing people we all lost that day.

So go ahead and post your tributes. If you know how, keep them at the top...sticky posts, future dating, whatever your blog trick is. You've already pledged your victim a single day, why not give them a little more?

And, I'd like to once again thank each and every one of your for joining in. I had an idea, that's all. Based on the tributes I've had the honor to read so far, no one will be able to blog on 9/11 without remembering those we pledged to never forget. The research I've witnessed is amazing. Until I started this, I didn't realize how deeply we all still felt the loss of 2,996 innocent people.

And so, my tribute, on a separate blog site, has the following ...

From the Tribute to Gary H. Lee:

If you've read the posts so far, you have some idea of what Gary Lee was like. He was one of two-thousand nine-hundred ninety-six known victims of the 9/11 attacks. Cantor Fitzgerald, the company that Gary worked for, lost over 600 of its employees. These were people with family and friends, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances. People who were loved, liked, whose presence was enjoyed, jokes laughed at.

Gary Lee was a mentor to some, a friend to many. Imagine the loss, not only to his family, or even to Cantor Fitzgerald, but to his country, of this man who had so much to offer. So many people, with dreams, hopes, problems, loves and hates, and limitless futures, were cut down without warning, slaughtered without mercy, for no other reason than an unreasoning hatred of a Nation, and a People, who believe in Freedom.

Please visit my Tribute blog and learn a little bit about Gary H. Lee. Celebrate his life, mourn his passing, say a few words if you wish. The Tribute is about the victims of 9/11, not about those giving tribute to them. We are remembering, and hope you will remember, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Below are the Tributes I have read:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you...that's all, just thank you, benning!

Sues said...

Yes, thank you. You did a wonderful thing. You even created a separate site just for your tribute. I am very impressed and grateful.

It's a good thing that we are doing. We are taking a bad day and turning it into somethig positive for the victims.

camojack said...

I was going to wait 'til Monday...maybe I won't, now.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how connected you feel to these people once you learn about the lives they led. I fell in love with the story of my hero. You done a wonderful job capturing just that, and I left with a connection I won't forget.

I didn't know whether to leave the comment here or there, but my thoughts are that you served him well with the tribute. Semper Fi.

Brooke said...

Thank you for your tribute, Benning. It paints a vivid picture!

Gayle said...

It's a wonderful tribute, Benning!

I am going to try to have mine up by Sunday, if possible. I'm still working on it.

It is definitely a wonderful thing to be doing, and I hope everyone also flies an American flag on 9/11!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Beautiful as always Benning. God bless. :)

juanitagf said...

I am very proud to be a part of this effort. Thanks for your help. My post is up at the top and will be until late on the 11th.

Gayle said...

I see you already know my post is up. How in the world are you going to keep track of all those posts? Amazing!

ABFreedom said...

Wow .. excellent tribute Benning. I can't say it any better then gunz.Also, great idea with the links to other tributes on the bottom ..

benning said...

I figure ... if I read a tribute, I should let you all know that it's there. We all want to give tribute and read them, too. :D

'Sides, it takes only a few minutes to update the post! Whew!

This is such a good thing we're doing. A good thing.

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible project, isn't it? My post is up now too, for John Talignani.

Always On Watch said...

I just got back from vacation and have posted my two tributes HERE and HERE.

I'm still decompressing from vacation and will read your tribute to Gary H. Lee before this weekend is over.

Isn't it wonderful that the goal of 2996 bloggers was met? That fulfillment warms my heart. Maybe so many haven't forgotten about 9/11 after all!

Ebyjo said...

Benning, you did an absolute tremendous job and capturing this man for who he was. I am very impressed.

Gunz did his post on Sara Low and he also did an outstanding job. I put Claudia Suzette Sutton on a seperate blog, so both ladies would get their proper respects.

Always On Watch said...

A separate site for the tribute? Great idea! And as usual, your writing is superb--a personal touch without being maudlin. Very respectful of Gary, as a tribute should be.

You wrote, To the best of my knowledge I did not know a single person who was murdered on 9/11. But, in a way, I knew them all. I am an American. Every one of those Victims of 9/11 were targeted because they were, or were believed to be, Americans.

Exactly! All of us who love freedom were attacked on 9/11. You've personalized Gary for us, but each and every victim had a life until that life was snuffed out by terrorists.

I'm reading as many of the tributes as my schedule allows. Hard to do, emotionally. But we must never forget!

Gary said...

Well done Benning.

you have provided a clear and concise look into Gary. I agree with gunz at how connected we become as we aquaint ourselves with these good folks.

Funny, but the spirit of freedom seems to be growing stronger by the tribute. Not sure that's what the enemy had intended...

bernie said...

I read your post much earlier but forgot to leave a comment.

Ow little we all knew about the brave souls that day.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute - Gary sounds like he was a wonderful person.

Joubert said...

Thank you for yur help on my tribute. I onlyjust noticed that you had blogrolled me. I have returned the compliment.

Karen Schmautz said...

Nice job. Each person's life can make a difference.

Raggedy said...

Wonderful Tribute!
Thank you.
These are heartbreaking stories and difficult to read....
I am honored to be a part of this project.
Mine is posted also...

Bless you...

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thanks for visiting and reading about little David Gamboa-Brandhorst. I read the last post on your tribute blog. Great of you to devote a whole blog to Gary Lee's memory. By Tuesday, I was completely drained from reading all the tributes I could manage. Just emotionally drained.

Thanks for letting me know a little something about Gary Lee. Another loss to our society. May his grand daughter Julie always remember and treasure the memories of him; and if those memories begin to fade, hopefully tributes such as yours will help make those memories vivid again.

Jack Steiner said...

Nice job.