Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Jew In The Woodpile!

Well, it seems as though the Media, in its relentless pursuit of the "Truth" had outed a Republican candidate for the U.S.Senate. Yes indeed! It seems that they discovered that he may be a Jew! Why has he kept that tidbit of information hidden? Is this one of those Jew Conspiracies? Who is paying him to run for re-election to the Senate, some Jews?

Senator George Allen, of Virginia, was questioned by a reporterette during a debate with challenger James Webb, a former Ronald Reagan aide. Peggy Fox asked, "'It has been reported,' said Fox, that 'your grandfather Felix, whom you were given your middle name for, was Jewish. Could you please tell us whether your forebears include Jews and, if so, at which point Jewish identity might have ended?'"

Reporterette Peggy FoxBabe Ruth used to get 'tarred' with the brush of black blood, by some less than savory individuals, owing to the shape of his nose. The phrase used then, one which has long been used as a stick with which to beat an opponent, is "a nigger in the woodpile". Sound nice? Reporterette Fox has just tarred Senator Allen with that old brush, using another ethnicity as the stick. And for what possible purpose?

Obviously, as a part of the leftist media agenda, to hurt the Senator's chances. How, you may ask?

Well, what are the immediate implications of Fox's question? Why are you hiding your Jewish blood? How long have you known about it? Are you ashamed of being a Jew? Is your support of Israel because of your Jewishness? There are some others, but let's look at these.

Why are you hiding your Jewish blood? ~ This is a tactic to alienate Jewish voters. Allen is hiding being a Jew because he's ashamed of being a Jew. Because Jews are evil to Republicans. Also, he's hiding his Jewish blood because he wants to remain a stealth-Israeli candidate. In one stroke, Fox can make Jewish voters angry with Allen, and make anti-semites - Isareal-haters - abandon him.

How long have you known about it? ~ Why have you been hiding this, Senator? To fool the voters? This also is a part of that first question. Anti-semites will be suspicious, as will Jewish voters.

Are you ashamed of being a Jew? ~ How does he answer this? "Have you stopped beating your wife?" The implications are many. He hides the 'truth' because he's embarrassed by being a Jew. He's ashamed of being a Jew because Jews aren't people/good/loyal Americans/likely to vote for a self-hating Jew. Go ahead, pick one!

Is your support of Israel because of your Jewishness? ~ Because everybody knows that nobody would support Israel unless they were at least part-Jew. So he must be in the pocket of the pro-Israel Lobby. It can't possibly be because Israel deserves support, can it? No, of course not.

What do these things accomplish? Why ask such an ignorant question? To destroy Allen's chances, with what the media sees as a hillbilly electorate, in Virginia. No self-respecting Southerner would ever support a Jew, would they? Fox, and the MSM, can destroy Senator Allen's candidacy with his supporters (because thay are all racists anyway), and at the same time invalidate his reputation with his opponents (Allen must be an anti-semite if he has hidden his Jewishness, because he is a racist).

This is a feeble, and nasty, example of the MSM "Gotcha!" moment. Senator Allen's religion is well-known. He's a Christian. Born into a Christian family, raised as a Christian. He's not a Jew. Why? Because his mother was not a Jew. His grandfather was. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Judaism knows that the "Jewishness" of a person depends on the Mother's line, not the father's - or the grandfather's. If your parents are Buddhist and Jewish, and your mother is a Jew, then by Judaic Law you are considered a Jew. If your father is a Jew but your mother is not, then under Judaic Law you are not a Jew.

Senator Allen is not a Jew.

This is merely a shibboleth to paint him as a sneaky, racist, unpalatable to Jew and Gentile alike.

But, beyond the question of his religious or ethnic heritage, why does this even matter? Why would any 'respectable' reporter even ask such an ugly question? Imagine if Senator Allen had mentioned at a press conference that he'd been looking into his family history and discovered that he had a Jewish grandfather. What would the press reaction be? Do you think they would fawn over him as they did with John Kerry, or Madelaine Albright? Of course they wouldn't! They would have pilloried him for 'politicizing' his religion.

Allen, as a Republican, cannot be right about anything in the eyes of the press.

Virginia Senator George AllenAnd how did Allen respond? Like this:

Allen recoiled as if he had been struck. His supporters in the audience booed and hissed. "To be getting into what religion my mother is, I don't think is relevant," Allen said, furiously. "Why is that relevant -- my religion, Jim's religion or the religious beliefs of anyone out there?"

"Honesty, that's all," questioner Fox answered, looking a bit frightened.

"Oh, that's just all? That's just all," the senator mocked, pressing his attack. He directed Fox to "ask questions about issues that really matter to people here in Virginia" and refrain from "making aspersions."
Allen, a Republican seeking re-election in a close race, denounced the reporter's question as "reprehensible" and irrelevant and said he only recently learned that his maternal grandfather was Jewish.

"Whenever we would ask my mother through the years about our family background on her side, the answer always was, 'Who cares about that?'" Allen wrote in the statement.


On Tuesday, Allen said his mother, Henriette "Etty" Allen, grew up in the Christian faith. She is a French-speaking native of Tunisia.

Allen and his siblings also were raised as Christians. He said he became aware only recently that his grandfather, Felix Lumbroso, who had been imprisoned by the Nazis, was Jewish.

"I embrace and take great pride in every aspect of my diverse heritage, including the Lumbroso family line's Jewish heritage, which I learned of from a recent magazine article and my mother confirmed," Allen said in the statement.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Republicans went after every Jewish Democrat candidate about their support, or lack thereof, for Israel? What would the reaction be? What would the Media say? What would the Democrats say?

Well, the silence from the Democrats now is deafening. And expected. After all, everybody knows that Republicans are racists. So why speak up and berate a member of the press for this unwarranted and nasty attack? And why would the MSM take Peggy Fox to task for doing what they do every chance they get? She's just following the template, parroting the agenda.

Hey, look! There's a Jew in the woodpile!

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Joubert said...

I saw the footage of that on TV yesterday and was stunned but not surprised.

WomanHonorThyself said...

This is a feeble, and nasty, example of the MSM "Gotcha!" moment. ..exactly!..and the irony Benning is that according to Judaism, if his mom was Christian..then he's Christian!..good Lord..imagine them asking a Muzlim these questions!..outstanding post! :)

benning said...

Patrick: Can we be surprised by the Media any longer?

Angel: The MSM dares not ask those sort of questions of a Muslim. That would take courage and principles. You don't see that in the MSM these days.

blogagog said...

Throw her one of those 'wife beating' style questions: "Have you stopped attempting to throw a wrench in Allen's re-election so the liberal candidate that you support will win yet?"

Anonymous said...

Nothin' new here...move along. The media is a joke. (I don't even watch Fox News as much as I used to.)

camojack said...

Oy vey!

FWIW, I consider myself a Messianic Jew...

benning said...

Kevin: Let's see ... they'd getcha for trying to intimidate a female reporterette, paranoia, evading the question, homophobia ... dare I go on? LOL

Anna: I don't have cable (money, y'know!) so I can't get FOXNews, but I usually only grab a look at the locals, and that's usually the same one or two. The Network broadcasts I leave alone.

Camo: You meshugeneh toches! So there could be a Christian in the woodpile, eh? ;)

Brooke said...

The MSM: There are no words to describe their utter despicableness! THEY are the anti-semites!

I wish Allen had just looked at her and said, "Yeah, my Mom's a Christian and Grampa's a Jew.


I love the cartoon. My reaction was the same as the brown-haired girl!

Eric said...

Been out of commission the last couple of days so I missed this altogether. What with Chavez and the Iranian Madman, all other items were in the backseat. Sorry I missed this, but "Reprehensible" sums up my feelings on Peggy Fox. Unlike Mr. Joubert I AM surprised. Why is Lieberman's Jewish heritage not an issue? Because he's a Democrat?

Speaking of which, I picked up Limbaugh's latest book, Bankrupt, and judging by what I've read so far, I shouldn't be suprised at all. Bankrupt describes the Democratic party to a T!

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't even been an issue, now questioning a Muslim like the one from Minnesota running for a seat in congress is another story.

Jack Steiner said...

It just makes my head hurt.

Anonymous said...

Yet the MSM will continue to deny that they have a liberal bias. So inspite of episodes like this one, moonbats on the left will make outrageous charges like ABC or Disney is in the pocket of the administration. Why not? Since when did truth or honesty matter them them? It's outcome based journalism. The end justifies the means.

Always On Watch said...

I am local to the D.C. area and regularly see Peggy Fox on our Channel 9 (CBS). Quite often, with her facial expressions and her body language, she shows her far-left bent. In her recent behavior with George Allen, her anti-Semitism was obvious. Not surprisingly, the local media here have had little to say about the incident.

defiant_infidel said...

Great job catching and posting that one, Benning! I would have missed it completely had you not written about it.