Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sarah Palin: 3 Weeks Later

So it's been nearly three weeks since McCain announced his choice as running-mate. The initial screams of horror from the unhinged Left have cooled to mostly dark mutterings and the normal Democrat Party scandal-mongers have gone into re-cycling mode as they continue their quest to find something - anything! - that will torpedo Sarah Palin, and by extension John McCain, in their bid for the White House in November. The attacks on Sarah Palin, of course, remain unutterable ugly.

We've watched as Sarah Palin's private email account was hacked and exposed to the Internet - nothing there? Aww, gee-whiz! - and had to shake our heads as the Left's handmaidens in the MSM have turned this felony into a non-story. The AP, which has proven itself a willing accomplice of the Democrat Party, called the stolen emails a 'leak' rather than admit that a crime had been committed.

A leak implies that someone was entrusted with information of a secret nature, but exposed it - for whatever reason - as the People's Right to Know. That simply isn't close to the case here. The AP knows it. So this election cycle has proven that the vaunted AP is in the bag for the Left, the Democrats, and thus for Obama.

And, by the by, there is no such thing as the 'People's Right to Know' beyond a certain point. Doesn't exist as it's portrayed in the political realm. It's a purely fictional pretence of the Media to exonerate the stealers of secrets. Well, except for the secrets revealed against Democrats. Then it's a crime. Hey, we get it! Really, we do.

Sarah Palin's choice to knowingly allow her Down's Syndrome-afflicted son to be born has been assailed non-stop. Seem she isn't allowed a 'choice' if that choice goes against the received wisdom of the Femi-Nazis or the Left (thanks for coining that word, Rush! It's perfect!). No matter that Palin and her husband may have beliefs that cause them to accept this child with love and acceptance. No matter that they are more than qualified to raise this child without demanding money from the taxpayers to do so. No, this is unacceptable to the Socialist-Fascists. That child should have been aborted! And for not aborting that horrid, damaged piece of tissue, the Palins must be excoriated.

It certainly doesn't matter that it's none of the business of these Nanny State architects. They may react in horror at the thought of government busybodies sticking their noses where they don't belong, but in this case, by Marx!, it's their absolute Right to castigate Sarah Palin for having the utter audacity to choose for herself. Marx damn her, she chose wrong! Sic 'er!

And so they have, those paragons of virtue and rectitude on the Left. And as the ugliness grows deeper, smellier, scarier in their endless attempts to destroy the family and thus candidacy of this Alaska Governor, the American electorate has to wonder ... what the hell's wrong with the Democrats? What's wrong with Senator Obama, that he sends his workers out to do this? Why is the media reporting the accusations but ignoring the truth, the facts?

What's going on?

Win or lose, come November, Sarah and Todd Palin will not be destroyed, nor will their family be permanently harmed by all this. No, the losers in this are the American people, who have watched the press slide almost completely into the waiting arms of the modern Democrat Party, and the majority of the Democrats in the country, who have seen their Party taken over by the most divisive, fanatical, radical members.

And certainly America is hurt when a once great political Party goes to pieces like this. Attacking a candidate for their words - not the edited version you swear are the actual words, Charlie Gibson! - is politics as it should be. Attacking a candidate's positions on the issues is politics as it should be. Attacking candidates for their friendships with oddballs and criminals is certainly politics as it should be. Attacking candidates on their records is politics as it should be. Hiding the facts and telling lies is not politics as it should be. Nor should threats.

Sarah Palin might not be the perfect candidate for the vice-presidency, especially if you are a Democrat, but that does not excuse the lies, distortions, criminal attacks, and all the rest that have been aimed at her. Debate her stances if you like, but stop tossing mud, hoping it will stick.

Try to act like an adult, won't you?


Tom said...

No, the Dems won't be polite, nor will they hold themselves to any higher ethical standard. That political party has been hijacked by the rabid Left where anything goes.

Excellent post, benning

Anonymous said...

I’ve got tickets for a McCain/Palin appearance about 13½ miles from “La Casa de Camo” (my rambling estate) happening this evening...

Brooke said...

You'd better let us know how it went, Camojack!

Anonymous said...

Heh. Or else what? :-)

The usual suspects were in attendance...Gov. Palin looks good in red. ;-)

shoprat said...

You're asking a party ruled by eternal adolescents to act like adults? Won't happen.

Unknown said...

You tell'um benning!
Ditto from this corner!