Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On Pigs & Lipstick

Okay, it’s time to calm down and get a grip. Sarah Palin’s a big girl and quite able to handle the smears of the rabid Leftists at the beck and call of the Obamamaniacs. So there’s no reason to leap to her defense based on yet another of Barack Obama’s clumsy public pronouncements.

Obama’s recent clumsy verbiage?
“You can put lipstick on a pig,” he said as the crowd cheered. “It’s still a pig.”

“You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still gonna stink.”

“We’ve had enough of the same old thing.”

Okay, so this was on his teleprompter, thus obviously planned beforehand. So what? Did he mean to slime Sarah Palin as a pig? Did he intend to smear McCain as a smelly, old fish? Could be. So what? This is politics. As the old saying goes, it ain't beanbag. Politics gets ugly fast, and it gets personal. I would agree that some things are beyond the Pale, but that’s my opinion. As long as we are free to speak our minds, or whatever the Left uses for minds, we’ll have ugly attacks as a part of our political discourse. That’s the way it is.

So what to do, just ignore the dimwitted slaverings of the Democrat’s standard-bearer? No.

First, let’s not play the from the Democrat Party playbook. Do we need to whine and demand apologies? No. Let the girlie Left do that. It’s how they respond to every disagreement. So, stop whining!

Secondly, make sure every ugly, nasty, personal attack is posted and played for public consumption. Nothing makes American voters angrier than personal attacks based on lies, smears, and innuendo. The Press won't publish these things of their own accord, so you need to. Eventually the public will find out and they won’t be happy.

Thirdly, laugh! It’s funny! Watch the frenzy with which the Obamamaniacs screech in horror when their Messiah is mocked. Chuckle when their spokesloons try to explain away every silly gaffe The One utters. Mock Him, mock them, laugh! It’ll drive them crazier.

Whatever you do, though, stop going crazy every time Obama or his minions do something ugly, uncivilized, or phony. It’s what they do, so enjoy it and publicize it. There’s more to come. You know it! Get ready for it!

And laugh!


WomanHonorThyself said...

youre spot on Benning..what jokes they are!! bwhaha!

Always On Watch said...

Okay, so this was on his teleprompter, thus obviously planned beforehand.

I've been somewhat out of touch the past few days, due to the resuming of teaching classes yesterday, so I didn't realize that Obama's remarks were planned.

I did notice his body language. IMO, he intended to insult both Palin and McCain.

Obama is claiming that the blogs are diverting attention from the important issues for this election. Excuse me, but it is Obama who is doing the diverting. Maybe he regrets his "distribution of wealth" remark on The O'Reilly Factor -- just one example of a statement of one of his beliefs upon which he'd base his policies.

benning said...

Angel: Yep! :D

AOW: Obama has a lot of practice - from the primaries - deriding attacks on his stupid comments as "distractions" from the issues. We should expect that response from him all the time. Meanwhile, his idea of issues is to announce headlines with no article.

Laugh at him! ;)

Andy said...

Benning: Yep! I really have been concerned that the McCain camp, and the right-wing bloggers, talk radio, and even the MSM might make too much of this.

You can over-play your hand. If the right seems "offended," there is a good chance that they will look just as small as Obama does. That is something that we can't afford right now.

I'm in the "let 'em stew in their own juice" crowd. "Big people" are given "big jobs." People that run around with their feelings on their sleeves, and snake-thin-skin work in the Mail Room.

Heh! Maybe President McCain will offer BarackO' a job at the White House after all...

Sisiggy said...

I have this theory that Obama knew too much would be made of this, in which case I've got to admire his strategy.

Whether his remark was planned or off-the-cuff, the audience certainly made the connection.

benning said...

Sisiggy: I have heard that, and then I've heard some argue, "How do you know that's what the audience was thinking?" I just think it's better to point out the silliness and mock it. Makes me a mocker, I guess! :D

Andy: Now that's not funny! Don't scare us like that! ;)