Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Voice On 9/11

DJ Drummond, at Wizbang, posted "On This Day", where he compares then versus now, and in which he says:
On this day then, evil came to America and murdered thousands of people, men and women, child and adult, soldier and civilian, Christian and Muslim and Atheist and Agnostic, in hopes of destroying Liberty.

On this day now, our soldiers fight to create Liberty in the very nations which spawned the evil which attacked us.

On this day then, thousands of our enemies cheered the death and pain brought about by villainy.

On this day now, millions of our new friends live in freedom and prosperity because of the efforts of Americans.

On this day then, monsters targeted people they knew to be innocent, in hopes of creating despair.

On this day now, our troops have destroyed many of the worst terrorists in the region, yet are careful to spare innocents, in hopes of fighting justly.


On this day then, some in America chose to side with the terrorists.

On this day now, sadly some in America still side with the terrorists.

On this day then, many in America supported the troops only in words.

On this day now, many in America support the troops only in words.

I suggest you click the link and read the entire post.


Brooke said...

Absolutely excellent, Benning; thank you.

shoprat said...

Very touching indeed.

benning said...

What some people have the talent to write always astonishes me.

Anonymous said...

Well done comparison.

Gayle said...

It is absolutely brillinat, Benning. Thank you!

WomanHonorThyself said...

thank u Benning..sigh wish we would learn lessons from that fateful day!

joni said...

Well it seems... that not only on this day (911)that evil has crept across the land,
taking a stand
to carry the souls
within its hand.
To this day
we always say
what if I could make it
all go away?
Would we try or deny
or feed the very evil
that caused us to cry?

Joni (nice post mr.benning) :-)