Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Longest Battle of a Spiritual War

broken ChristmasThe Assault on Christmas, or the Attack on Christmas, whichever we tend to use, comes around each year. And many of us, Christians, Jews, Atheists and people of good faith around the country, rise in anger and indignation at the stupidity and utter unreality of these continued attempts to remake the nation - and eventually the world - as a religiousless one. However, we need to bear in mind that these ridiculous attacks on the Christian Holidays are nothing more or less than diversions.

Christians know that Easter, as it is celebrated, is the far more important Holiday, the greater day to us in its meaning. But Christmas is the greater display, taking up the best part of an entire month with decorations, lights, trees, songs, and much more. Therefore it is the easier target for those small-hearted, cold human beings who cannot stand quietly by as others enjoy something they themselves cannot understand. But it is not actually Christmas that they seek to silence and banish from the public square. It is Christianity they seek to silence. And when they accomplish that they will turn their attentions to all displays of Judaism - and don't think that Jews do not show their Judaism in public ways, they do - and then any other religious systems that raise their heads. For the attackers are not simply Atheists or disgruntled Jews, Muslims, or whatever, as the MSM would like you to think. The attackers are zealots of that human-inspired religion known as Secular Humanism.

These people seek to gain the ascendancy of their human-centered religion over Christianity and Judaism - and later the adherents of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. - through any means at their disposal. If that means purposely misreading the U.S. Constitution, then they will do that. If it means demonizing believers as bigots, hate-mongers, and backwoods buffoons, then you will see believers categorized in those terms.

Think I'm overstating the case? Look at Canada, our nearest neighbor, in more than proximity, and ask yourself how close we are to an abomination like Canada's Human Rights Commission. In Canada, by Law, the simple act of speaking your mind is now subject to prosecution. Not for treason, sedition, or even incitement to riot, but for "hate" speech". Speech which includes Old Testament Scriptural admonishments against homosexual acts are against the Law. Posting them on the Internet is a crime. In Canada.

Preaching Scripture from the Bible in a Church can be used in a prosecution against a pastor for a "hate crime", and exposes him to attack. In Canada. And the Secular Humanists would love to see that happen here.

Don't think it's possible here? Think again. Every time you see or hear of a person being denounced for "hate speech" take the time to read the actual words spoken and attacked. Ignore the descriptions. Just read the actual words and then put them in the context of the body of what was said. You may wonder what the fuss is about. Remember the outrage and indignation over Ann Coulter's pronouncements about Christianity, made to a Jewish Talk Show Host? What, exactly, did Coulter say that was "hateful", "bigoted", "mean-spirited", or "anti-Semitic"? Nothing, really. Ann's not a pastor, priest, or theologian, mind you, and she's certainly no Diplomat. But she actually spoke the Gospel. Any Christian with a modicum of familiarity with the New Testament knows that Coulter was giving a rough description of the hope of Christianity, that all will come to the Truth through Christ. If any "Men of the Cloth" found her words "hateful", "bigoted", "mean-spirited", or "anti-Semitic", then their congregants or parishioners ought to wonder what, exactly, those Pastors are using as a text. Because they aren't using the Bible.

Ann Coulter is easy to demonize. She's not one to whisper when a shout will get heads to turn. The same is true when it comes to public displays of Christianity when it comes to Christian festivals or Holidays. We in the West have become used to being open and public about our celebrations. Especially with the ease of Commercialization. Which means that Christmas is the biggest, juiciest target. And the SH minions all take aim at this Holiday.

Schools ban Christmas in favor of WinterThey try to sanitize Christmas in the public schools. They ban any religious music during the “Winter Holiday” season, as if the Spirit of Christmas can be so easily suppressed, and ban the use of the word Christmas. They attempt to ban any public display of religious symbols while allowing “secular” symbols, as if they don’t have meaning to the Secular Humanists of a religious nature - replace the baby Jesus with Santa (that’s okay!). Even the envirowhackos get in on the act, seeking to convince Jews to not light menorah candles during Hanukkah - so they won’t add carbon to the already perilously poisoned air of our fragile planet. Green is simply one aspect of the Secular Humanist religion, you see.

So, what do we do? We can't simply ignore the attacks and watch for the next targets to be assaulted can we? No. No, we must remain vigilant. We must fight for our rights, under GOD, and under the Constitution. Remember that the First Amendment restrains the Federal Government from establishing a National Religion, and forbids the Federal Government from interfering with the States' or the People's rights to worship as they see fit. The Constitution does not have a "Wall of Separation". The Constitution does not allow the House or the Senate to make any laws that restrict religious worship, displays, speech, or anything else.

Remember that the next time some member of the illiterati proclaims that the Constitution does not allow you to erect a Christmas Tree on the Town Square. Poppycock! The Constitution stands mute on the subject. Any laws passed must be from the State Houses down. And that means you have the voice and the power to over-rule them. As Christians you have the responsibility to do what is right, according to the Word of GOD. You are not subject to the un-Constitutional acts of the federal government. They may forbid you, but they have no authority to do so.

Want to say a prayer at Graduation? Go ahead. The so-called authorities can rush on-stage and stop you, but you have done what is right, and lawful. Want to sing a hymn at the Town Square at the lighting of the Christmas/Holiday/Winter/Family Tree? Go ahead! Who will stop you? Will the police arrest carolers? Will the Mayor sue you? Do you think most of your neighbors there will assault you?

Hanukkah CandlesNot likely. They will probably join you in your song. And if your Jewish neighbors wish to sing Maoz Tzur, or Channukah, Channukah, in celebration of Hanukkah, why not learn the words and join them? Let's face it, Jews probably feel quite overwhelmed at Christmas. What with all the Christmas music playing wherever they go - other than Synagogue, that is - and the displays, and what not. But they are our religious relatives, don't forget. And they are our fellow Americans. What befalls us befalls them and vice versa.

Jewish cemeteries continue to suffer vandalism. And you cannot simply pass this off as the actions of stupid youths, bored into criminality. No, this is one of the payoffs of Secular Humanism. The degradation of this tiny religious, and ethnic, minority is merely one of the vectors of attack. Christianity is the big prize for these GOD-less religionists. And the Jews are "collateral damage". They are part of our family. And they are under attack, as always. And so are we.

As I said at the opening, people of good faith, whether they are believers or not, do not like what is happening anymore than we do. And they see what is going on around the world as Christians and Jews come under attack - physical, economic, psychological - from those who hate what Christianity and Judaism stand for. They are our family, too.

Christmas is under attack, again, but it's only one, long battle in a Spiritual War. And we cannot lose the war, but it will not be won with timidity, nor with "dialogue". It will only be won with determination and valor. So fight! It is your Right!

Note: Tom Clough has some interesting posts regarding a few Christmas Attacks on his website. Try "Trashing Christmas" and "A Maplewood Christmas" for some ugly stories of what these Secular Humanists get up to when they start feeling their oats and standing on their rights. The battle is an old one and it won't end any time soon.

Angel looks at celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas "downrange"!

Need to re-energize your Christmas Spirit? Feeling overwhelmed yourself? Defiant Infidel has a post that is a must read! In "Christmas Strife? I have A Friend ..." he says,
A well dressed, stunningly pretty lady stood just ahead of me with a small child of perhaps three or four years old in her arms. I had seen the woman hastily snatch the little girl from the shopping cart ahead of her... it was piled high with what were assumably Christmas gifts, leaving almost no room for the brightly snowsuit clad baby. The woman was impatient and scolded the little girl as she repeatedly reached for all those little hangy things on the aisle pegboards that wall in the funnels to each checkout register. The child, who was as beautiful as her mother, looked a bit confused as to why her mother was so irritated, but continued to paw at the shiny items that captured nearly her entire attention otherwise. Afterall, it's in her contract, right?

The woman continued to become more irritated by the slow, distant cashier's progress, the normal child antics of her daughter, a person in front of her that didn't close up the opening in the line ahead of her as quickly as she thought it should have been, etc.. She was obviously very susceptible to any additional perceived annoyances. She swore under her breath, shook her head with gloom while looking at the floor and repeated warnings to her little girl with a tone that became increasingly more strained.

Suddenly, the woman looked up at the ceiling and asked aloud, "God, why am I so unlucky that you burden me with such always impossible tasks?"

I shocked myself by reactively reaching out and gently squeezing the shoulder of that lady. She turned and shot me a laser look that would have sliced other bodies behind me in half, long after it obliterated me. I felt awkward and very pressured to justify my unsolicited gesture, yet the words just spilled from me calmly, in a low voice that only the two of us would really hear. I think I was as surprised as she was. What I said to her was something very close to this:

"Ma'am, I have a friend who repairs my vehicles. He does so with an ever present smile and an optimism that always makes me look hard in my mirror. He lives alone and is long divorced now. I think many people take advantage of his kindness and good will, I strongly suspect perhaps even some of his own flesh and blood. But he is stubbornly undaunted by anything and everything. He is also a double amputee at the hips. I don't pity him in the slightest... he would never want or allow that. Rather, I admire him highly."
and he ends with this simple admonishion:
"Merry Christmas everybody. Take inventory of your blessings and be thankful."

Please take the time to read this. It's the best post of the season!


shoprat said...

The sad thing is that these cretins are few in number but legion in power. If we could simply stand up to them they would wither away. Their power is 90% bluff and it needs to be called.

benning said...

Amen, Shoprat. As always the squeeky wheels get the grease while we get the shaft!

WomanHonorThyself said...

so many unbelievable points u covered Benning..I wouldnt even know where to start!..A1!!!

Joubert said...

"....rise in anger and indignation at the stupidity and utter unreality of these continued attempts to remake the nation - and eventually the world - as a religiousless one."

The "world" has always been irreligious and always will be. The "real" Christmas (not the fake Macy's one) has always been under attack and "real" Christians have always been persecuted.

I'm not a "real" Christian but this year I'm just going to ignore the Grinches and Scrooges (who've always been with us) and turn the other cheek and have a joyous Christmas in spite of them.

camojack said...

That's a great story you linked to there. Keep on keeping the Faith, brother!

Oh, and Happy Hannukah!!! :-)

Brooke said...

What a wonderful post, Benning!

I had a warming of the Christmas spirit this week when my daughter's little Girl Scout Brownie troop leader taught them how to play Dradle at their meeting, and then took them on Saturday to carol and decorate a Christmas tree at the local funeral home, which hosts a live Nativity Scene.

Always On Watch said...

This pushing aside of Christmas, as well as the secularization and merchandizing of the Holy Season, is spiritual warfare. As Christians, we shouldn't expect different. For many, Christianity is an uncomfortable Truth.

Great post, sir!

Off topic comment now....That graphic in your blog header--I coincidentally have the same graphic on file for my Christmas posting. Great minds...?

The Merry Widow said...

Excellent, Benning! If we persist in exhibiting true Christianity, we will be an irritant to the SHs. Not on purpose, but because they know in their heart of hearts, we have Truth, they only have this world.
So if they want Paradise, they have to remake this world into utopia...which has the last laugh, since 'u' in Greek is 'not'! Such blinded fools they be.


benning said...

Angel: Thanks! With the volume of posts you create I would say you'd know exactly where to start! It's deciding where to stop that'd be tough! So many examples!

Patrick: 'irreligious' is one thing - heck I get irreligious now and then. It's their desire to erase all religions from the world stage - save their own human-centered religion - that I worry about. I know you are enjoying the Christmas season by the photos you've posted. Nice to see! :D

Camo: I'm keepin' it, Brother! Happy Hanukkah to you, too!

Brooke: Sounds like a fun Brownie Troop with a smart leader! :D

AOW: A great mind you may have, Ma'am, but mine is merely piddlin'. Truth is tough to take. It caused Pilate to demand, angrily, "What is Truth?" He didn't recognize it when He was standing right there.

MW: Fools they are, and blind they may be. But as Shoprat metioned they are Legion and they hold power. We must remain watchful. Merry Christmas!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Crabby Old Man sent me...

great post.

Merry Christmas!!!!
God bless.

benning said...

Thank you, Ma'am. Merry Christmas to you!