Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Not-So-Trivial Award

I took a "Sunday School" test this evening. I followed a blogroll link at Dee's blog which took me to The Lowest Rated Blog, run by CFS - and why not, with that very interesting title? And there I found an award he'd received at yet another blog! (Isn't this the way we bloggers do things? Flitting from link to link?) So after I'd checked out today's offering from CFS - and dropped a comment, I checked out the blog where he took the test. Thus I arrived at For Love Of Home where In-spired holds forth on things religious and otherwise. And I went looking for the post with the test.

Turns out she'd been so overwhelmed with CFS's response that she awarded him for his answers rather than wait until Monday. Well, I still wanted to give it a try, and started doing my research. The test involves 10 quotes from the Bible. She asked anybody who took the test to ... well, why not quote her?
For those of you who leave comments and would like to participate, GO FOR IT! (If there is no participation, I'll know not to try this again!)[Smart blogger, huh? *wink*]

Our first lesson is EVERYDAY PHRASES FROM THE BIBLE. Identify the book and, if possible, the chapter and verse where these commonly used phrases originated. (I don't consider it cheating if you use your Bible's concordance/index, or whatever you need to find the answer. Some of you may even use google search and come up with the answers!) Answers will be posted Monday morning!

And she has a list of phrases, very familiar, from the Bible. And that's what I spent some time doing this evening, finding those phrases. I clicked on the comments link when I was finished to find that CFS had found all 10, though some were in more than one verse (and I found them! Heheheee!), and it was all over.

Well, heck!

Oh, what the heck, I did all that work, so I posted it anyway. It's a good test and was actually fun to do. And I found a few spots where I did not expect the phrases to be, so I learned a few things. For example, here's one of the phrases: 5. Woe is me!

Okay smarty pants, where is that from? Well, why not look for it? And why not go ahead and take the test? Like you have something better to do? Come ooooon! You know you want to! LOL

Maybe if you do real well In-spired will letcha have this nifty award! If you notice, I have it displayed in my sidebar. I earned it! :D

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