Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting In Shape For Christmas Eve

As we all know, or should by now, Santa’s Reindeer have a very tough job to perform on Christmas Eve. They must traverse the entire Earth, landing at each home and taking off again, pulling a laden sleigh full of gifts and a rather chubby elf. You might wonder how they can possibly pull that task off when they seem to do nothing for the rest of the year. Well it seems that they have a very solid training regimen, and I learned about it at Scribal Terror during my search for other things. (Ain’t that always the case?) He discovered this information from Static, and I bring it to you.

I like to think my readers, all 5 of them, are up-to-date on the latest information about just about everything. And that’s why I bring this information to you. And now you know!

How Santa’s Reindeer Stay In Shape

Don't blame me! I just report this stuff. Heheheee!