Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Big Deal Indeed

Bill O'reilly apparently did a segment on his TV show, recently, where he discussed "hateful" bloggers. I don't watch O'Reilly. I don't have cable TV, so it's not an option. Besides, when I did have the option his was one of the shows I quickly dropped from my viewing schedule. I thought he tried too hard to be "balanced"and ended up taking unfair shots at Conservatives just so he could point to his utter "fairness".

One thing he does do, though, is read his mail. On the air. Pro or con, he will air the missives of his viewers and will comment on them. Gayle (Dragon Lady) at My Republican Blog emailed O'Reilly concerning that particular "hateful blogger" segment, and was excited that he picked it as one of the ones to read on-air. She emailed me, as I know she did others of her blogging friends, to let me know. I asked if she was going to post the video of it on her blog. She replied,
"Wordsmith video taped it. It's on his blog and on Little Miss Chatterbox's blog.

It's really no big deal. I had about 4 or 5 seconds of fame. LOL! I'm actually surprised he read even part of my e-mail. But thank you!"

No big deal. HAH! When somebody in the 'family' is being mentioned on the air, or is interviewed on radio or in the local newspaper, it most certainly is a big deal! And O'Reilly is a big enough name to make this tiny mention a very big deal indeed. So watch this very short video, why don'cha?

Thanks to Wordsmith for creating and posting the video!

Okay, we're not taking Gayle out for pizza afterward in celebration, but it's fun anyway, and yes, a little exciting, just the same.
"My sister is in a play, we're all going to watch her!"
"My brother is reciting some of his poetry at the coffee-house. Let's go listen!"
"My cousin just got published! We're buying copies for the whole family!"

It's that sort of thing. The small bloggers of my acquaintance get little enough recognition of their endeavors. We read each other and wonder if anybody of note will pay attention to our thoughts, while we continue on, writing about those things that we think are damned important. And when sister gets in the cast of her local play, or brother's poetry is chosen for a public reading, then we're actually thrilled, and we want to see/hear it and applaud.

Because that's what families do, isn't it? And we are, in fact, a kind of family here in the blogosphere.

Way to go, Gayle! Cool Beans, sister! That's neat!


Gayle said...

Thanks, Benning! :)

I guess when you look at it that way it's a big deal, but to me it was so short. It wasn't even my full 15 seconds of fame! LOL!

Bless you. You're a sweet guy. Can I call a guy "sweet"? ;)

benning said...

With all the M&Ms I eat? Yep! LOL

WomanHonorThyself said...

wooohooooooooooo Benning...great great great!!..lets get that pizza with her..heh

Bob's Blog said...

This is my first visit to your blog, but since you are a friend of Gayle's, you are a friend of mine!