Monday, July 31, 2006

The Other Iraq (and Turkey, Syria, Iran)

I found this advertisement while at I usually ignore flashing ads; they tend to annoy more than anything else. I know you've seen those big red and white flashing ads for contests and offers. Huge, flashing, annoying! And no place to thide from them. But this was a little different. For one thing the USA flag flashed across the ad.

That's when I will stop scrolling and look. So this time I did. And saw something interesting. I smiled at the short message, and clicked on the ad to see what was there. Here's that ad. Take a look. Click if you like! I think you'll enjoy where you go.

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Among other things, there is a bit of Kurdish history, things I knew but had forgotten with all the crud going on these days. There's information about the progress that Kurds in Northern Iraq have made since the Liberation from Saddam's regime. Kurds have a sad recent history, one fraught with violence, bloodshed, death. And they have done their own part in inflicting damage on those they seek freedom from.

Some of the Kurdish actions are terrorism. There's no other way to describe them. They have done things that bring to mind the Basques and the Seperatist Movement they created in Spain.

But considering the Kurds status in the nations they inhabit, I can almost forgive them. Not quite, but almost. What they are creating in the north of Iraq is a hopeful nation, a nation of progress, a Muslim country where learning is cherished, not disparaged. So I support an Independent Kurdistan. I believe they deserve it and should be granted it.

Yes, by another stroke of a pen! Give them their own place under their own leaders. Why not take a look at that ad again? Then click and surf on into The Other Iraq!


Anonymous said...

The ads were on TV for a while a couple years back. I think it was right after Saddam was captured. I really liked them. I believe some have said, though, that the ads were paid for by the US and don't mean a thing. I'm thinking these are the same people who say 9/11 was an inside job.

Brooke said...

Most likely, Anna. I particularly LOVE the full page add taken out in the NYT a little while back thanking the US for what we've done for the Kuwaiti people, and showing solidarity.

It just goes to show that not everyone in the ME wants us out, and that some are appreciative!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Sure hope the dream lasts...nice post Benning!..:)