Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've been Tagged! Threes:

I've been tagged twice! That means either the folks tagging me think it's funny and I can handle it, or they hate me! I'll go with the former. It's more fun that way. But I'll getcha both! Muhahahahaaaa!

Three …

1) –things that scare me:

Dying alone

2) –people who make me laugh:

Monty Python (can’t split them for this!)
Louis Anderson
The old George Carlin

3) –things I hate the most:

People who lie even though the facts are shown to them
Wasting so many years being lazy
My father passing on when I was still 17 years old.

4) –things I don’t understand:

Women – never have. * sigh *
Leftist thinking
The US Tax Code – the idjits what wrote it oughta be in a Mental Hospital

5) –things I’m doing right now:

Surfing my favorite blogs
Watching Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven" in Spanish – I don’t understand Spanish, but there ain’t nuttin’ else on!
Eating a salad with fresh, fried bacon on top!

6) –things I want to do before I die:

Have one of my books make the Bestseller List
Pay off my creditors
Find a woman who wants me, failings and all

7) –things I can do:

Write fiction
Sing like Sinatra

8) –ways to describe my personality:

Humorous – often at inappropriate times!

9) –things I can’t do:

Run – I’m 50 and have put on a lot of weight since I quit smoking
Drink more than 2 beers without getting verbose!
Write Poetry

10) –things I think you should listen to:

The Voice of GOD in the Bible
Classical music such as the Rhapsodies of Enescu
The sounds of a storm

11) –things you should never listen to:

Rap – it ain’t music!
Perpetual victims
Your head when your heart contradicts it

12) –absolute favorite foods:

Prime Rib/Lobster!
Chinese Cuisine

13) –things I’d like to learn:

How to attract a good woman
How to pray better – nothing is more important than my walk with the LORD!
How to save money

14) –beverages I drink regularly:

Water over ice
Beer – Newcastle Brown Ale or Blue Moon are very good!
Coffee – No decaf for me!

15) –shows I watched as a kid:

Dennis The Menace
Crusader Rabbit
Warner Brothers/Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

16) People I’m tagging:

Angel at Woman Honor Thyself
Kevin at Toast, It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore
Brooke at NeoCon Command Center


Brooke said...

Alriiiiight.... I'll have to get on this! ;)

Newcastle and Blue Moon, huh? I've got a few bottles of the latter in the fridge right now, and enjoy the former, too!

So you can sing like Sinatra, eh? I'd like to hear that!
Have you ever heard Michael Buble? Great stuff; I think that you'd love it!

Anonymous said...

Good answers, benning. But you know, I was just getting you back for all the puzzles and the silly quizzes! :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

Yikes I got tagged twice too Benning..LOL..ackkkkkk!..Now I gotta think think think! list is awesome...thanks for sharing!..:)

blogagog said...

Yikes! I've got to head out for a week or so. Can I do it next week?