Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poster Art: Making A Point

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Brooke at the NeoCon Command Center, as well as the ever-present Michelle Malkin, has some War Posters. Brooke has posted some of the posters you may recognize from World War Two. These are familiar and they were taken seriously by most Americans.

And why not? One never knew whether we were being listened to by loyal Americans or traitorous spies. Most Americans had a family member in the Armed Forces. At the very least a close friend was serving. The admonition to keep your mouth shut so your loved one would not die as a result of knowledge reaching the Enemy, made sense.

It still does. But judging by the New York Times (Slimes, as Drunken Samurai calls them!) publishing of classified material used by the government to track down terrorists, they are immune to any possible danger, and may expose any information they wish. Treasonous as always, they insist that the revelation of such secret material is not only their right, but their duty.

Endangering the lives of Americans is their duty.


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Michelle Malkin has a different spin on this. She's gathered some photoshopped posters by bloggers who have a different opinion of things American than the NYTimes. In other words, the Times is taken to task. The posters are entertaining, amusing, and sometimes a tad vulgar. All-in-all they say something important: Keep your mouth shut when you have secret War-related information in your head. It isn't your business to divulge the information; it isn't your right to tell the Press the information; it isn't a matter of opinion or your conscience whether or not the information needs to be revealed to the Public.

Your information could easily get into the hands of some bastard who can contact people with the ear of Al-Qaeda, or some other Muslim Terror Group/Cell. And, hard as this may be to believe, some folks still read the NYTimes, the St. Petersburg Times, the L.A.Times, and so on. Among those are the very people who would cut off a reporter's head for not being a Muslim.

So, maybe our government can start arresting, charging, and trying these ba$tards among us who blithely report secret information, and put them away. And when the MSM whines about the 'Chilling Effect' this has on the Freedom of the Press, perhaps we can remind them that the Freedom of the Press is not the first - or most important - part of the First Amendment. That would be Freedom of Religion. And since the MSM keeps trying to destroy the Christians and Jews in America, we feel quite comfortable chilling the Hell out of the Press!

Shut your Damned mouths, you Press types! We are fighting a War, whether you like it or not! What you are doing is tantamount to spying. And we need to begin hanging spies like we used to!

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blogagog has his own version. Check it out! Also Angel takes her shots at the Slimes, err, I mean the Times! Sister Toldjah deals with this, too, and has lots of stuff to peruse. Gunz has an angry take on this. The Anchoress takes a different tack, explaining that a bit of calm is needed. Always On Watch lets you know how Muslims here at home reacted to the savage murder of two American soldiers.


Brooke said...

Thanks, Benning!

benning said...

Amazing what will spark us, huh? Thank you!

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the mention. I appreciate it.

As my posting pointed out, no "moderate" Muslims are stepping forward to condemn the barbaric slaughter of our two soldiers. Is "moderate" just not happening? Looks like it!

benning said...

AOW, my pleasure!

I think we are seeing a culture growing in Muslim circles. It isn't a matter of moderate, or radical. What I think we're starting to see is the idea that a Muslim may do whatever he/she wishes. Because the Koran says so. Because the Infidels don't count. Moderate? It doesn't matter anymore.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that there are moderates, but they are afraid. They see what the radicals do to other people (and their own as well), so they don't open their mouths...ever hopeful, I know!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Thanks again Benning!...lesse what the fate of the ole NY Slimes is eh?..:)