Wednesday, June 21, 2006

An American Declaration

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Sues at "Sues Views" says she was at the gym when she heard the news about the two missing soldiers being found, that they had been killed in a 'horrific way'.

"As I got home from the gym, I got out of my car and walked up to the flag that I have flying (everyday) in front of the house. It was waving in the breeze, looking magnificent as usual. It had wrapped itself around the short pole a couple of times. I walked up and slowly unwrapped it as it brushed up against me in the breeze. I stood there and held the edge of the flag as it waved and flew. I felt calmer. I felt better."

Then she repeated a declaration that came from an earlier post (Sues! You have to put the link to that post in there![and she did!]), a declaration that impressed me, and made me want to put it on a nice image ofparchment. You all know what I mean. And that's the image at the upper right, here.

Sues closed,

"I am truly pissed off right now. And, as my brother Jarhead John can testify to, they have no idea who they are messing with. I will never give up. I will never stop.

Determined, persistent, are words that pale in comparison to my will and drive. We are at war and have been for a long time.

America is filled with patriots that are merely waiting for their call to arms. The terrorists are fools to think we will ever submit to them."

Y'know, the funny part of all this, if there can be any humor at all in such a devastatingly tragic occurence, is how few people around the world understand just how angry the people of the United States can become. They may wish to ask Japan how pissed off we got in 1941, and what we did to them after we recovered from the shock of their attack on us. They might ask the Germans what Nazi Germany reaped as a result of their Declaration of War upon us after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Up to now our response to 9/11 and to the murders in savage ways of innocent Americans, has been rather muted. If you think I'm wrong about that, imagine an Afghanistan after carpet bombing by the US Air Force, then the entry of troops. That isn't what happened, and it's a good thing, too, for Afghanis.

Still not convinced? Remember "Shock and Awe"? I do. Nice show, and it got the attention of Saddam Hussein and his Evil Regime. But it was a tiny response. Visualize Baghdad after the U.S. Air Force carpet bombs it. Imagine, indeed, the nation of Iraq had we landed even a fraction of the forces we used in Europe in the Second World War.

Hell, just imagine how Iraq would look if we were using the Rules of Engagement we had during the Second World War. No uniform? Ciao, Butthead! Setting roadside bombs? String 'im up! And the rest you can guess.

We Americans remain the most peaceful of people if you just leave us the hell alone. But when you poke a bear with a stick, eventually the bear rises and devours you.

And all you Muslim bastards who think we're gonna take your savagery and slink away? We're gonna hunt you down, stomp you flat, pave over your ugly little land, erect McDonald's and Wal-Marts, and convert your children.

We won't let the spineless politicians and traitorous press stop us, either.

You animals are done.


Brooke said...

Sues put it well. Once Americans digest the anger they are feeling right now, there will be hell to pay!

benning said...

I'm hoping so. It's way past time for the vast majority of us to push for Victory and toss the weenies of the Left out on their traitrous ears.

I'm just sayin' ...

WomanHonorThyself said...

We all feel cut up inside Benning..but were here for each other...and that helps me tons...Keep prayin hun. :)

Sues said...

Wow, Benning, you really went all out. I really appreciate the picture you made for me!! I'll put in on my side bar later tonight.

Samurai told me once that he likes it when I rant. Well, I definately ranted with that one, but it came straight from my heart.

I'm also gonna add you to my links list if that's alright by you.

Thanks again Benning, you humble me.

Sues said...

OK, Benning, you asked me to post a link to my 'previous post' that had that statement in it. Here it is...

It's still on my main page if you scroll way down to the post titled "The Terrorists Among Us".

Thanks Again!!

blogagog said...

I'm angry now too. Benning is a jerk. With this link he has forced me to go fly the flag. I only have two. One was flown at the white house under Bush 41. The other is the Feb 19, 1984 flag, flown at the Reagan White House.

Which one do you think I'll fly? Hint: It's not the Reagan one :) If anyone wants a flag flown at the White House, they are surprisingly cheap. Just a fyi.

ps I love Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post Benning. You certainly have it all togther, and as a Marine Corps veteran I appreciate it.

benning said...

What can I say? Sues inspired my ire.

Can we beat the Left in November and keep to the course? Will we shrug and trudge away from the fight for freedom? I worry.

These days I worry.