Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day 2006

Flag of the USA

Angel over at Woman Honor Thyself reminded me that today is Flag Day! She has quite a line-up and post about it, so head on over and get educated! And entertained, too. LOL

And where are the rest of the Bloggers? Are we too busy to say something regarding Flag Day? Hmmm?

Under the flag of the United States of America serve Men and Women who protect us from harm. They do so for mediocre pay, little thanks, and at risk to their lives. On this Flag Day 2006, why not remember them in your thoughts, thank a veteran or two, and say a prayer for the Americans serving in harm's way at this very moment?

Lest We Forget

Flag of 49 States

In 1959 the United States added the 49th star to its flag. Not since the admission of New Mexico and Arizona in 1912 had the flag's number of stars been altered. This flag would have one of the shortest lives of any US flag. For only one year later, Hawaii would be admitted to the Union and a 50th star added to the flag. Click on the picture to read the story of the 49th star.

And the Flag is also the shroud we use to honor the brave Men and Women who lose their lives in service to the Nation. Although the US government has tried to keep images such as this one from the public eye, this image is no disgrace. It is a sad fact of life, and a reminder that Freedom - Liberty - is not free. There is a price to pay in blood and the lives of the very best among us.

Though America-haters in our own nation have tried to use images such as this to sap our will, and weaken us from within, they cannot succeed as long as we keep our wits about us. We know that Liberty cannot exist in a vacuum. It must be fought for, defended, taught.

The image of US Flag-draped coffins is not what we Americans want to see. But we will not shrink from the sight as the cowards would have us do. Should the day arrive that sees Americans unwilling or unable to stand in defense of Liberty, then the nation will have already died.

GOD Bless the United States of America! GOD Bless the US Flag!

The Final Sacrifice

U.S. Defense Department, U.S. Flag-Draped Coffins Returning from Iraq, 2004, photograph.


Dionne said...

Great post!! Happy Flag Day!!

Brooke said...

Lest we forget, indeed!

ABFreedom said...

Amen Benning. Happy Flag Day, and God Bless America!