Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Dead Horse Flogged In Florida

So the Florida Legislature has extended a formal apology to Black Americans for its part in Slavery. By a unanimous voice vote the resolution passed without discussion. From :
The House and Senate approved a resolution expressing "profound regret for the involuntary servitude of Africans, and calling for reconciliation among all Floridians."

There was no discussion before the unanimous voice votes, but the reading of the resolution — which described how slaves' ears were nailed to posts during whippings — brought some lawmakers, including Tampa Sen. Arthenia Joyner, to tears.

"It was painful," said Joyner, a Democrat and black caucus member. "I tried to imagine myself under those circumstances. I mean, I know how incensed I got in the '60s just knowing I couldn't get into a movie!"

Gov. Charlie Crist, affectionately dubbed "Florida's first black governor" by some black lawmakers, visited the Senate chamber to watch the vote.

This is representative government at work. Unfortunately it is not work that is pressing, nor terribly important considering that Slavery was officially abolished by the Florida Legislature in the State Constitution of 1868. 153 years after the end of Slavery in Florida and the entire United States of America, 150 years after the writing of that State Constitution, no real reason existed for such a resolution or apology. But, by golly, the politicos had to get to work on it. Not for them the tough work of getting a handle on rising property taxes, sky-rocketing Home Insurance rates, or the ongoing death of the education system in the State of Florida. No, these brave, hard-working souls got down and dirty and dealt with an issue that has been dead for a century-and-a-half. Impressive.

Florida's Black GovernorAnd now I learn that our Republican Governor is now considered the state's first black governor. Inspect the photo of Governor Charlie Crist for an idea of how "black" he truly is. To top this off the Governor is not averse to handing out the money of modern Floridians to the descendants of Florida slaves. If descent can be accurately established. Wonderful. We certainly don't waste too much money here. So let's toss some extra greenbacks to some unhappy, unfulfilled, unpleasant folks who continue to have their hands out for something that is not theirs. Reparations would be the opening of Pandora's Box. Every crackpot with a grudge would ooze out of the woodwork demanding money for ills - real and imagined - that they have suffered throughout their lives.

Again, from :
The resolution did not address reparations. Crist appeared to be open to such efforts if slave descendancy could be established. "Certainly, it's something you'd like to be able to do," he said.

But one black lawmaker, Sen. Al Lawson, said reparations are unlikely because they are controversial and they would cost the state so much. "But I appreciate the governor's comment," said Lawson, D-Tallahassee.

At least Senator Lawson is thinking about the State. What is Charlie Crist thinking about? He has now slid off the table as a Veep mate for John McCain, in my opinion. Which Black Americans need reparations? Which ones have felt the utter sting, humiliation, and degradation of slavery? Not one. The Laws make sure that no one is denied employment because their skin is too dark, or their parents came from another country. No Black American is denied a chair at the table in a Public Library, a seat at the table in a restaurant, cable TV hook-up at their home, or anything else.

If you cannot get a job - and you usually have to start at the bottom, even us privileged White Folks - and move up, something is fundamentally wrong. With you. Not with Society; not Whites, Blacks, Browns, or anybody else. Making a living takes hard work, discipline, and a bit of planning. You don't get ahead by spending your money on revolving hubcaps. You don't move up the ladder in a company by dressing as if you just left your gang 'Peeps' outside. You don't make a better life for yourself speaking as if you have a mouth full of marbles, and dissing others who can speak and be understood. Posing to intimidate old White people won't get you ahead in life. Hard work and discipline will.

An apology? I would have thought that the spending of thousands of lives in our Civil War would have been sufficient apology. But it never is, is it? As long as the Race Warlords are out there, stirring up hatred and a sense of entitlement among their poor, benighted Brethren, there will always be more to be demanded.

Enough! My ancestors never owned black slaves. Ancient ancestors of mine may have held Irish slaves - as that is something we of the Irish race used to do - but never black ones. I have nothing to apologize for, nor does my family. And my country made its apology with massive amounts of Blood and Treasure in the 19th Century. No more apologies. Enough is enough.

The Florida Resolution:
The resolution
WHEREAS, African slavery was sanctioned and enforced through laws enacted by Florida's first Territorial Legislative Council in 1822, and
WHEREAS, the Council and its successors did, over four decades, construct a legal framework that perpetuated African slavery in one of its most brutal and dehumanizing forms, and
WHEREAS, this legal framework included such lawful punishments as the following: "That any negro or other slave duly convicted of robbery & or burglary shall suffer death or have his or her ears nailed to posts and there stand for one hour and receive 30 lashes on his or her bare back at the discretion of the court," and
WHEREAS, in 1827, free Africans were denied the right to vote and in later years were, by law, so repressed, restricted, and harassed that by 1850 most had been driven from Florida, and
WHEREAS, African slavery was entrenched within the plantation culture of Middle Florida to such a degree that by the year 1860, 73 percent of the total population of Leon County were slaves, and
WHEREAS, there were early political leaders in Florida who advocated a vigorous defense of slavery, and
WHEREAS, the Florida Legislature has identified grave injustices inflicted upon African slaves and freemen by the state, and
WHEREAS, even though the laws permitting such injustices have been repealed, it is important that the Legislature express profound regret for the shameful chapter in this state's history and, in so doing, promote healing and reconciliation among all
Floridians, NOW, THEREFORE,
Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida, the House of Representatives Concurring:
That the Legislature expresses its profound regret for Florida's role in sanctioning and perpetuating involuntary servitude upon generations of African slaves.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature calls for healing and reconciliation among all residents of the state.

I'm telling you, this won't be sufficient. It never is for some people.

Hat Tip to Van Helsing at Moonbattery for first bringing this to my attention.


Brooke said...

This "sins of the father" stuff is bullshit. Welcome to AMERICA, where everyone makes it or fails on their own merit.

I will not apologize, nor give one red cent in reparations, especially since my great-great-great grandfather died in Andersonville prison.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ will these blacks ever give it a freakin rest? I am so sick of hearing about that slavery bullshit!

It happened over 100 years ago!! GET OVER IT!!!

This is exactly why I am NOT voting for Obama. If he becomes president, he will milk this slavery shit for everything he can and the whites will be the next target for crimes and punishment!

You blacks just need to get a freakin life and stop ACTING AS THOUGH THIS WORLD OWES YOUR BLACK ASS SOMETHING!!!

It doesnt matter your race, creed, color, religeon, WE ARE ALL IN THIS WORLD TOGETHER FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM AND OUR RIGHT TO SURVIVE!!!

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson needs to stop stirring up more bullshit and stop acting as though they are freakin GOD!!

Everything doesnt revolve around the blacks! But it seems as though something happens that the blacks arent happy about, or something that doesnt go their way and they go running straight to NAACP!!

What do the other races in this world have to run to for help? NOTHING!!!!

You blacks are creating your own wars and you expect the whites and other races to bow down to you for something that happened 100's of years ago. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!


Brooke said...

Whoa! Um... That was a bit over the top.