Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Widget!

Over on the left, there, in my sidebar, you will find a widget. I found it while surfing through the Anchoress' blog. I voted, checked the results, and had to wait until they posted the widgets for "general" use. 'Cause, NO, I am not a member of Pajamas Media.

You can vote once each week. The more voting, the better the data, and the more accurate the results. I had just voted today - my second vote! - and checked the results, when I hit the link to get the widget. You register, which will make your blog a precinct, verify the registration, then install the widget on your template. Once installed I tested it.

Yup! It knew I had already voted. Some folks have tried to stuff the ballots, but they've been caught. And what's the point? It's a fun thing, if nothing else. Why try to gin up the results? The totals don't look very large, but last week when I was at the site, they were describing the cheating attempts, and were talking about votes of over a thousand. I wish they had saved that post for later reading, but they didn't.

You can check the results of the precinct where you voted, or get the total for all the precincts.



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There's another Widget a little further down the sidebar. It's from MyBlogLog and it's a Recent Readers Widget. That means it can show your name and avatar whenever you comment at a site that has the widget. Well, something like that. I found one at Blandly Urbane's Demediacratic Nation. Click on the box, over there, and head over to MyBlogLog, or hit the link above. It takes little time and, who knows, you may enjoy the response. Go! Do it! Heheheee!

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Some of you wonder why your blogrolls don't seem to ever update. I don't have an answer for that. But I do have a remedy for you, just in case you didn't know it existed. Head on over to BlogRolling and look at the section at the left.

Under the "Navigation" header there's a list of links, such as "Login", "Lost Password", "Breaking News". You'll also see a link titled, "Ping Form". That's the one you want! Click on it! You don't need to login, or anything. Just type in your blog's name, and in the box under that you type in your blog's address. Then hit the "Ping" button. All there is to it! Blogrolling will now "ping" the blogrolls and yours will be updated on the rolls you belong to.

Easy, isn't it? Make this a part of yyour posting procedures! It's easy and it ensures that your blogroll entry is updated everywhere. Go, Ye, and Ping.

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a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Sometimes people feel the need to cheat; sometimes people can't help but cheat or lie even when honesty is good enough. Sometimes people cheat because they want to feel their candidate is worth more than she is. Sometimes people cheat/lie because they think it takes more intelligence to do this (don't ask me to explain the logic on this last one).

benning said...

All those and more! Thanks, BU!