Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Roses For John Paul II

Now, I'm not a rose person. Not at all. My favorite flower is the carnation, and then the iris. Roses, to me, are too cloying, the fragrance far too medicinal and sweet.

Carnations have been my faves for, well, as long as I can remember. The fragrance of a carnation reminds me of that icing you can only get on a bakery-bought cake: light, fluffy, just sweet enough. Delicate! That's the word.

Irises, now, have a lovely look to them. I don't think they have any fragrance at all. Can't remember any, and I used to get irises for my Mom every Mother's Day. But it wasn't the fragrance, anyway. I loved the look of the iris: dignified, yet lacy. Just a beautiful flower.

But roses? Well, now, I never could enjoy a rose. Just never have cared for them. But I do find the cultivating of new varieties very interesting. Like a black rose. Or a dark blue rose. They can be amazingly pretty.

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So, now here comes the "Pope John Paul II Commemorative Rose Collection" at Jackson & Perkins. And I have to tell you, this is a very dignified rose. Well, let me quote the Jackson & Perkins site:
"World premiere of the Pope John Paul II rose – only 2,500 available this year!
This radiant white tribute to a beloved world figure grows in the private Vatican gardens. Now you can enjoy its perfectly formed hybrid tea flowers and citrus fragrance in your own garden, along with a numbered edition Commemorative package. The collection includes a Pope John Paul II bareroot rose and solid, cast aluminum marker to place alongside the planted rose in your garden. You'll also receive an embossed keepsake portfolio, which holds a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, a full-color photograph of the rose and one of the late Pontiff’s homilies. A special collector's item, this limited edition package also makes a wonderful gift."

My Roman Catholic friends may get a charge out of this. I have to admit that this is one 'tribute' that doesn't go too far. You know what I mean! Frankly, I like it. No, I'm not buying one - I haven't got that kind of money. And I'm still not sure what to get Mom for this Mother's Day. But if you like roses, and you find this clean, white rose attractive, now's the time to go getcha one!

*Hmmmm ... wonder if Mom would like another Iris. 'Course they have to be sliced apart after they stop blooming, Mom might not want to mess with that again. Maybe an Amaryllis? Hmmmm ...*

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