Saturday, March 11, 2006

No, it isn't Largo's City Hall. Blogging around.

No, this is not the Largo City Hall. I know, I know, you could swear that's your own City Hall, right?

I stumbled upon this here. I usually get to Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred every day. Sometimes I can't, and miss a few things. Siggy has a great blog, with interesting posts, fine-honed opinions, and a whole lot of reason and logic. As with most of the truly good blogs, Siggy's is chock-full of good writing.

Now, normally I would have tried to do a trackback, or a Backlink. Nut, much like with The Anchoress, and a post of hers, I am not able to do those nifty, and polite things. So, to heck with it! You now have a link to both of these tremendous Blogs. Go! Read! Enjoy! Then put 'em in your Favorites Folder and go to them often!

Got it? Good!

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Anonymous said...

Well, that sums it up nicely.