Monday, August 17, 2009

Project 2996: Join Us!

We're approaching the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our Nation. Dale C. Roe, who inaugurated the tribute project to the victims of those attacks - Project 2996 - has moved to a new site at Wordpress, and has put out a call for folks to sign up again. Time is short, but this should be a labor of love to the innocent victims of Islamism on our home soil.

My original tribute blog remains up, alive, and waiting for visitors and comments. It's called simply, "2,996: Gary H. Lee". You'll find some images of Gary, and family, with some biographical information, tributes from friends and co-workers, and memories from family and friends.

If you have the time, please head over to Dale's new site, sign up, and get to creating a tribute to one of those lost to the hatred of the Islamists. We must not forget the victims of 9/11, we dare not. The media and our political class seem as eager as ever to forget them. So do your own part in ensuring we never forget the victims of 9/11.

Join me at Project 2996, won't you?

Update 8/20/09:

I've been assigned Paul James Battaglia. The blog is completed and will be opened on September 11, 2009. Paul was 22 when he was lost in World Trade Center Tower One.

Please sign up and join the project.


camojack said...

I might do it again, but will be abroad in Europe on September 11th.

I'll probably have my laptop with me, though...

benning said...

You know you can use the Post Option to set the post to appear on the proper day. You don't have to turn it on yourself.


Think about it, Camo. And enjoy the Socialist Continent!

camojack said...

I thought about that option after I posted the comment, yes.

I'll think upon it... ;-)

Always On Watch said...

I plan to check into this when I'm feeling better. As you know, I've been quite ill.

benning said...

I know, AOW. Get better. Then sign up fast!

Always On Watch said...

I finally signed up and posted a sticky post -- a plea for participation.

benning said...

Great, AOW! Let's hope we get everyone we need.