Sunday, July 19, 2009

Those Evil, Bloodthirsty Jooos Do It Again!

Hah! Got you with the title, didn't I?

I found an amazing post at Gina Cobb, this morning. And here's the money quote:
"[...]The tests showed that injecting the medication between 24 hours before the exposure to 72 hours following the exposure achieves similar results.

Another test on humans, who were given the drug without being exposed to radiation, showed that the medication does not have side-effects and is safe. [...]"

Did you see that? And who discovered, then produced, that amazing medication - still in experiment - designed to protect people against Radiation Sickness? A bloodthirsty Joooo. Hah!

If this pans out, and it does look good right now, can we expect to see yet another Jew awarded the Nobel Prize?

Not a long list of adherents to Islam in the pantheon of Nobel Prize winners, is there? But, dang! there're a lot of Jews on that list, from many countries. Seems like Jews do good things for humanity. The Muslims? Not so much.

The article is here. Go read it and smile.
A Jewish American working with Israelis to develop this medical breakthrough. Exclusive: Dramatic discovery by Jewish-American scientists could change world; anti-radiation medication proves effective, safe in tests. Further experiments to be fast tracked, FDA approval possible within 1-2 years

Ronen Bergman Published: 07.17.09, 00:18 / Israel News

Medication that can protect humans against nuclear radiation has been developed by Jewish-American scientists in cooperation with a researcher and investors from Israel. The full story behind the dramatic discovery will be published in Yedioth Ahronoth's weekend edition.

The ground-breaking medication, developed by Professor Andrei Gudkov – Chief Scientific Officer at Cleveland BioLabs - may have far-reaching implications on the balance of power in the world, as states capable of providing their citizens with protection against radiation will enjoy a significant strategic advantage vis-à-vis their rivals.

For Israel, the discovery marks a particularly dramatic development that could deeply affect the main issue on the defense establishment's agenda: Protection against a nuclear attack by Iran or against "dirty bomb" attacks by terror groups.

I'm smiling. How 'bout you?

By the way: When you go to the article, read the comments, too. A few have the PETA mind-set. 'But you killed animals to do this? Ohhh, why? Boo-hoo!" Suicidal idjits. And so typical. REad 'em! And laugh!


camojack said...

Oy, vey... ;-)

shoprat said...

This could be a real Godsend.

God bless the Jews.

benning said...

Amazing what can be done when you're focused on Life rather than Death.


WomanHonorThyself said...

great to see ya Benning!.Heh I'm bacccccccccccck! ;)