Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Growing My Blog!

It’s funny. I normally get around 30 to 35 visits to this little blog on a daily basis. Sometimes I know it’s some of my regular blogging friends visiting, and sometimes I get a few new visitors. But day by day it’s about the same number. 30 - 35 visits each day.

Today something very strange happened. I posted twice - and yes, that is strange, in itself - about Sarah Palin being chosen as John McCain’s Vice-presidential running-mate. Certainly I hoped to see a few more visitors stopping by to peruse my wisdom and sage words (Okay, but I do have my scribbling moments!), and I left my own comments on other blogs, too. For this conservative, it’s been a very exciting day!

A little while ago I refreshed the page and darted to the bottom to see if the 7 or 8 comments I found in my email had raised my sitemeter total much. Well, why say it when I can show you?

Here’s the table I first saw. And trust me, it was an eye-opener!


  • Total 44,340

  • Average Per Day 95

  • Average Visit Length 1:14

  • Last Hour 1,313

  • Today 20,402

  • This Week 666


  • Total 59,039

  • Average Per Day 113

  • Average Per Visit 1.2

  • Last Hour 1,454

  • Today 22,074

  • This Week 793

Well, that didn’t seem real to me, so I went to another page, and then another. And here’s what I saw. Click to embiggen!

This one, too!

So you see? Sarah Palin has grown my blog! Cool Beans!

To top it all off, we got a huge thunderstorm here a little while ago. Lightning, Thunder! Driving rain! And the power blew out for about 15 minutes, too! I love it!

What a wonderful day.


Joubert said...

That's incredible. On Friday I got 725 hits (mostly Google searches for Palin) but it was a one hit wonder and it's back down to 450 today.

benning said...

Back down to 450? Sheesh! Well, you get more hits in a day than I get in a moonth.


Anonymous said...

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