Friday, August 29, 2008

If Not Pawlenty ... Palin?

Okay, so word is out that Tim Pawlenty is not heading for Dayton, Ohio for the McCain VP announcement. That, in itself, means nothing. There's no reason he couldn't accept McCain's nomination via a video hook-up. It would seem, though, that nearly all of McCain's Republican Primary opponents are heading into Dayton as a show of Party unity.

I hear that Sarah Palin, Republican Governor of Alaska is also there. She was not a Primary opponent. To me, this could be a good thing! I've been touting Palin as the choice McCain ought to make as his running mate since February (I reposted again in July). I think she would be a good choice for the Maverick Republican seeing as how her own reputation is as a Maverick Republican.

Victoria, at Sundries, is asking if Palin could be the McCain choice: "Is This The Face Of McCain's Running Mate?". Take a look.

The Anchoress also wonders about McCain's choice this afternoon. She asks, "Palin or Pawlenty?"

So, perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised. For once! Just in case I am, I whipped up this strange looking banner for a McCain/Palin ticket. Just click on it to embiggen it.

The Maverick ticket?

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