Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Will You Remember?

Why should we remember? Why is it important that the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, not be forgotten, not be laid to rest?

Cal Thomas has this to say in "Forget 9/11 at our peril":
'Throughout our young history, Americans have been admonished to “Remember the Alamo,” “Remember the Maine” and “Remember Pearl Harbor.” These remembrances and others were for the purpose of motivating the public to fight on until an enemy was vanquished. When victory was assured, the memory faded into history.

Now, as we approach the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, there are suggestions that we should begin to forget the worst terrorist incident in America's history. Recently, a front-page story in The New York Times suggested it is becoming too much of a burden to remember the attack, that nothing new can be said about it and that, perhaps, Sept. 11 “fatigue” may be setting in.

Charlene Correia, a nursing supervisor from Acushnet, Mass., is quoted as saying, “I may sound callous, but doesn't grieving have a shelf life? We're very sorry and mournful that people died, but there are living people. Let's wind it down.”

Yes, Sept. 11 forces us to be serious, not only about those who died and why they died at the hands of religious fanatics, but also so that we won't forget that it could very well happen again and many of today's living might end up as yesterday's dead. That is the purpose of remembering Sept. 11, not to engage in perpetual mourning. The war goes on, and to be reminded of Sept. 11 serves as the ultimate protection against forgetfulness. Terrorists have not forgotten Sept. 11. Tape of the Twin Towers is used on jihadist Web sites for the purpose of recruiting new “martyrs.”'

Indeed, the forces that brought about those heinous, murderous, and cowardly attacks continue to exist, and in some places on this planet, flourish. They continue to plot and plan for the murder of more Americans and any who either support America or stand up to the Islamofascists. It really doesn't matter what American Leftists say about the Global War on Terror, because the terrorists are still out there, and all the sweet reason in the world will not sway them one iota from their desire for bloody murder of all who oppose them. The useful idiots who demand that Americans "solve" the problem through diplomacy will, no doubt, make preparations to be elsewhere when the next wave of attacks begin. One does not negotiate nor reason with members of a Death Cult. There is no 'solution' we could ever reach with them short of their complete annihilation.

But that takes a measure of testosterone, doesn't it? And for far too many of the chattering class testosterone is a vulgar word, much less an idea. "Can't we all just get along?" No. That's the simple and easy answer. We can't all just get along. For some the very idea of a free society is an affront to their twisted religious tenets. For these creatures nothing short of their own death will stop them. And nothing short of our complete attention to their existence, and the very real danger they pose, will suffice if we are to survive in all our sloppy, quarrelsome, naive glory.

Thomas continues:
'What's the matter with some people? Does remembering not only Sept. 11 but the stakes in this world war interfere too much with our pursuit of money, things and pleasure? Serious times require serious thought and serious action. In our frivolous times, full of trivialities and irrelevancies, to be serious is to abandon self-indulgence for survival, entertainment for the stiffened spine.'

In this era, where the boozy life and drug-assisted death of a marginal actress/model can capture the attention of the MSM for months, when the lies of power-hungry Leftists politicians are reported and supported as fact, when we can express outrage over dog-fighting accusations against an over-paid football player while we ignore the depredations of illegal aliens killing and raping our own people, are there enough truly serious men and women in this country to protect the vision of a free land? Are we too far gone along the path of self-indulgence to care about the future of the United States of America?

I remember 9/11 because it was the largest of many Islamofascist attacks against us while our government worried about 'profiling', 'racism', 'Zero tolerance', and a myriad of pointless issues better debated in the halls of academia than the halls of Congress and the White House. I remember, as do many other Americans, because I will not let my nation slide into irrelevance and chaos for the tender feelings of simple-minded politicians and victim groups. To them I say, "Suck it up, Pal! We're trying to be adults here, and you need to grow up and smell the coffee!"

I remember. I will not forget. What about you?

A hat tip to Camojack at "Uncommonly Sensible" for the Cal Thomas link!

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Joubert said...

Beautifully said.

Brooke said...

I will never, never forget.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a beautiful memorial Benning..thank u!

Always On Watch said...

9/11 changed my life. I recognize a declaration of war when I see it.

Isn't that essay by Cal Thomas wonderful? He has said what needs to be said better than I ever could.

Anonymous said...

A hat tip to Camojack at "Uncommonly Sensible" for the Cal Thomas link!

Thanks for the "plug"; I thought it an excellent article, deserving of a wide distribution...

defiant_infidel said...

As with everything you write, it is always good and there is always one really stand out line...

"It really doesn't matter what American Leftists say about the Global War on Terror, because the terrorists are still out there, and all the sweet reason in the world will not sway them one iota from their desire for bloody murder of all who oppose them."

Something like that reminds me to ease my rage at the libs (I didn't say abolish it) and instead try to focus my attention more directly upon the efforts of the patriots and soldiers that count!

Excellent, Benning... which is your ever present standard.

shoprat said...

They believe it must be forgotten because they can't figure out a way to work it into their program. It is the inconvenient truth that undermines their whole world and they can't have that.

Jack Steiner said...

Never forgive, never forget.