Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Smooth Delivery?

Leftists love to extol the virtues of their abilities to speak well. The non-stop sniggering about G.W. Bush's inability to speak with a smooth, easy cadence was trumpeted as evidence that Republicans in general, and Conservatives in particular, are unable to speak. This is because all such people are deemed by the Leftists, and the MSM, to be idiots.

I will grant you that Bush has never been an entrancing public speaker. His breathy quality of speech seemed to exhibit a style of speaking akin to a smart ass, snickering, yahoo. The fact that many public speakers are ill-equipped to speak off-the-cuff made no difference. And Bush's inability to recite every speech without mistakes was always pointed to with derision. Never mind the fact that he could most certainly speak comfortably with people, and answer questions on-the-fly. He was a dullard.

Gotcha questions are never easy for a politician. There is always at least a moment of pause while the respondent tries to understand the question and formulate a response. In a Republican this is evidence of stupidity, sneakiness, or cunning. In a Democrat this is merely evidence of great thought and care.

So what are we to make of the ponderous, inarticulate speaking-style of Judge Sonia Sotomayor? This woman has had weeks to memorize her answers to a questions everybody knew was to be raised. Weeks to memorize her opening remarks. Weeks! And this is the way she responds?

Does she sound smart? Wise? Granted, a fine speaking style is not a necessary component for a trial judge, though you would expect practice to perfect said style. And this judge has had much practice. This is best she can do?

Does everybody recall the weird vocal stylings of Al Gore? The wooden delivery? The pedandtic, ponderous, intonation of Leftist Holy Writ? How many times can you listen to Al Gore speak as if he's lecturing a very dull child before you have to shake your head and wonder why the MSM thinks he's a fine speaker? And a true genius. Sheesh!

Remember his 1992 campaign phrase: "Everything that should be up ... is down! And everything that should be down ... is up!" Wonderful stuff, as it whipped the campaign crowds into a chanting frenzy. But delivered, as always, in that wooden puppet mode for which Gore is famous.

WND remarked, in part:
On the '92 campaign trail, Gore demonstrated that "message discipline" by trashing the "Republican economy." Over and over, he revised history by calling it the "worst economy since the great Depression."
Towards the end of the race, he even got somewhat animated, raising and lowering his arms like a hydraulic lift, as he shouted: "Everything that should be up ... is down! And everything that should be down ... is up!"
Even though it wasn't true, voters got the message and fired Bush.

No, George Bush was never a smooth speaker, but we don't need smooth speakers, do we? We need leaders, honest interpreters of the Constitution, representatives who fully understand that they work for us, not we them.

So, Sonia Sotomayor is a clunky speaker. Ill at ease, despite weeks to memorize and polish her remarks. Does this mean she is unfit to sit on the Supreme Court? No. Her published decisions, speeches, and membership in a racist organization - La Raza - should be enough to disqualify her. But it probably won't. The fact that she's a woman of Hispanic extraction, a judicial activist, and a Leftist will be enough for the Democrats to vote for her.

But don't let the Leftists, or the MSM, tell you she speaks well. She doesn't!


camojack said...

To quote Obama: "uh, uh, uh..."

Jack Steiner said...

I don't judge politicians on their ability to speak, but on what they do. It is ridiculous to see how many people do otherwise.

Always On Watch said...

Her style of speaking and tone of voice put me to sleep. She uses many words and says very little of substance.