Friday, March 20, 2009

George Carlin Nails the Enviro-Whackos

From American Thinker, Gregory Young posts, "The Cure for Global Warming Alarmists" with this reminder of how dead-on George Carlin could be. In one of the late Comedian's final appearances, Carlin lampoons the alarmists.

Young also exposes those same alarmists for their bizarre proposals. In his post, "Global Warming Alarmists Propose Limiting Population ... to the Point of Extinction", Young notes, in closing,
"Indeed, the authors purposely fail to mention that their proposal puts humanity on a fast-track extinction curve, as reproduction rates fall below population replacement rates. Surely, as statisticians they know this well. Within a few generations, there wouldn’t be any one around to measure, least wise care, about carbon emissions. We would all be dead.

But golly, we would save the planet! Just goes to show you, Liberals are all about death and destruction. They absolutely live for it!

I’ve got a thought, why not have liberals first show us how it’s done…. Go ahead liberals -- take the lead in this thing. Limit your own population first, and the rest of us might, “maybe,” consider what you have to say."

Yeah, maybe!


camojack said...

George Carlin was definitely a funny guy...when he wasn't being a miserable S.O.B.

Always On Watch said...

I watched this video yesterday, but can't remember at which site.

Anyway, Carlin was a master satirist -- Mark Twain of our time.

Brooke said...

Go, Carlin!

When he was right, he was right!

shoprat said...

There has long been a group dedicated to the voluntary extinction of humanity, but I don't recall it's name.