Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Great 2008 Depression! *snicker*

Just how wrong can our Mainstream Media be? In fact just how wrong can so many of our political representatives be? Pretty damn wrong! Oh, anybody with a lick of sense and a modicum of reading skill knows that the meltdown of the Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae institutions were brought aobut by the looting of them by such luminaries of the Left as Barney Frank (D - Pimp Basement) and the Messiah-self-Elect Barack Obama (D - Heaven Itself). Leftists in office have been stealing the taxpayers' money for Eons with little to show the American people other than their palatial Estates and condescending attitudes toward those who pay the bills for them. Whatever the economic problems the country faces, you can be sure that it's been the political Left that has orchestrated it, benefited from it, and pointed the finger of blame on anybody but themselves.

So, too, can any reasonable American recognize the stupidity, cupidity, and utter cluelessness of the MSM in its 'coverage' of the financial turmoil birthed by the American Left. These self-appointed Smart People haven't the foggiest clue about economics or economic theory, nor a single useful idea on how a thriving economy works. As willing handmaidens of the Left, and 'informational' Storm Troopers for The One (D - Sherwood Estates, Nottingham), the American media has ignored fact in favor of fairy tale (Barney Frank, D - Pimp Daddy) and lied to the American taxpayer whose economic well-being is being destroyed by the lies and machinations of the Socialists.

Tough times for American workers? Yeah, some. But not as bad as the MSM and the Leftists have been whining about. The Leftists like Chuckie Schumer (D - Clueless in NY) who can blithely destroy a bank with his ignorant, poorly-timed, public complaints, and still not accept that he may have, just possibly, perhaps, maybe, kinda been a straw that broke the camel's back, are at the root of any economic problems we face. They destroy because they aren't smart enough to know what they're talking about. Thier economic ignorance is second to nobody else's.

I don't know about you, but everytime I see that idiotic Obama ad that intones about rising gas prices, I have to laugh! The gas prices have dropped. Big time! Where they scratched $4/gallon, not long ago, they have now plummeted to $2.48/gallon. Has the MSM bothered to trumpet that news? They sure blamed Bush and Company every time gas prices rose! Where's Bush's credit for lowering the gas prices? Right! You can't give him credit because he didn't lower the prices. Guess what, lying Media and Leftists (but I repeat myself), Bush didn't make the prices rise, either. But policies of the elected Leftists did! Socialists calling themselves Democrats caused the problem. And, certainl;y, Republicans helped them.

So, we're in a Recession, right? The MSM says we are, and we all know what economic experts they are, right?


Randall Hoven, in his article in the American Thinker, says,
The message blasted at us day after day by the Obama campaign and its public relations machine, otherwise known as mainstream media, is that we are in a recession, we have been for essentially the last eight years, and the US is unique in this because of the failed policies of George W. Bush.

We are not in recession. The economy of the last eight years has been fine. And we are doing better than our European know-it-alls who favor an Obama victory. At least that's what the most recent economic data show.
A standard definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of negative real growth. However, the last two quarters of data, January through June, were both positive and in fact the most recent quarter was fairly strong at +2.8%. The preliminary estimate of GDP for the third quarter (July through September) is scheduled to come out this Thursday, October 30. So far, we have had zero consecutive quarters of negative growth. If Thursday's number indicates negative growth, that will still be only one quarter in a row.

Click on the link and read it! Plenty of facts and figures to make even the weakest-kneed of you sit up and take notice. We ain't in a Recession. We may be closing in on one, but we ain't there now. All the MSM and the Socialists are doing is pushing Americans to panic over nothing. By panicing they expect us to turn over the power of the entire government to the very lying, cheating scumbags who have caused so much misery already. Are you going to fall for it?

FCC Chairman IdiotIn a similar, related note, we find this interesting tidbit of news. While the government has been telling us just how hard things are, and how they need to spend billions to make the economy heal, we find the Chairman of the FCC spending $350,000 to sponsor a NASCAR driver. That's your money, folks! It ain't the government's money! The government doesn't have any money it hasn't taken by force from you! That's your $350,000 the FCC Chairman is spending. Why isn't he out the door, holding a box of his office belongings? Why hasn't the Bush Administration begun proceedings to fire this idiot?
Speaking of the sponsorship, Martin said, "I believe this sponsorship is an extremely effective way for the FCC to raise DTV awareness among people of all ages and income levels across the United States who loyally follow one of the most popular sports in America."
As if we haven’t been blanketed by TV Ads about this? As if the US government hasn’t spent millions or billions on this already? Yeah, we need to sponsor a NASCAR driver to make sure the ‘hicks’ who watch NASCAR know all about the DTV switch. Riiiight! Wanna bet the ‘hicks’ are ahead of the curve on this? I have my little, black decoder box. Betcha it won’t be NASCAR fans who start screaming in outrage and confusion once the analog signals disappear. Any takers?

Just wondering. And how is your October going?

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Always On Watch said...

Yes, our nation is in economic difficulties. We know all about the downturn here in the house. Mr. AOW lost his job early on, back in January when the company where he'd worked for 12 years started feeling the pinch even before the Wall Street crash..

But the media are exaggerating the problem and, thereby, making it worse and creating an atmosphere of panic. Such an atmosphere gives rise to a demogogue.

And we've got one -- Obama.

benning said...

No, no, no! Not that! Never that!

Yeesh! Don't scare me like that, AOW!