Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Silk Pony Endorses The Obamessiah

The Silk Pony
Who's the Silk Pony? Who's the Silk Pony? Yeah, I'm the Silk Pony!

According to numerous Media outlets, John Edwards (D-Wimpy Silk Pony) has flown to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to endorse Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination. One rich, Leftist loon endorses another rich, Leftist loon.


Does anything John Edwards (D-Embryo Channeler) have to say have meaning? He is a political loser, twice over. And now he's flown all the way to Michigan to endorse the front-runner. Truly evidence of Edwards' courage.


The Obamessiah
This picture, evidently with no sarcasm intended, accompanied an endorsement of B.O. by the Oregon newspaper Willamette Week

As posted at
Moonbattery with editorial insanity excerpts.

And so it goes in American Politics in the early 21st Century. Sheesh!

Sister Toldjah has "His Royal Phoniness endorses Barack Obama".

Patrick takes a look at a problem for Obama: "Obama’s Cultural Hurdle"

Of course Obama has some cheerleaders. From Moonbattery: "Palestinians Running Phone Banks for Obama"

Update: Patrick's post is based on this post of Right Wing Prof's.


shoprat said...

The thought of him winning is terrifying.

Joubert said...

I don't deserve any credit for it.
You really should have credited Right Wing Prof directly for that article.

Anonymous said...

Ya think little John is running for V.P.?

benning said...

Shoprat: It should scare all of us!

Patrick: I'll update the post! Thanks!

Camo: It wouldn't surprise me at all. Edwards has already run as a Veep candidate. I'm sure he thinks he knows how to win this time. Hah!

Brooke said...

Oh, Dear Lord, that last pic is just too much!

I heard on the news today that Eddie is supposed to woo "working-class whites."

Yeah, right. Like the guy who drops $400 on a haircut has anything at all in common with a blue-collar person of any color.

benning said...

Brooke: Isn't that amazing? Do I see a "Cult of Personality" here? Looks like it. A typical totalitarian activity. Van Helsing, at Moonbattery, finds the strangest things, eh?

WomanHonorThyself said...

scarey is an understatement my friend!