Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Sad Lady

With all the publicity and commentary surrounding the former Fisrt Lady and her sad weeping, I thought perhaps a video was in order. A tune immediately came to mind - that's how empty my head can be - and I was compelled to begin searching for the images to go along with it.

This took hours and more than a day. Finding the right images was not as easy as I expected. Remembering where the bloody heck I had put the particular CD with the music was another unexpected pain in the toches.

Finally, with all the materials in place I had to make the video. The program is easy, as I explained before, but you still have to select the right images from your stash, put them in the right order, attach the music, watch a preview, remove some images, move others, play a preview ... get the idea?

Meanwhile I was also chopping green peppers for some Black Beans, roasting some Pork Ribs for the Black Beans - yummy over rice! - and doing the rest of my daily routine. And that includes that Dixville post, and writing two chapters - this is a fun novel, if I finish it! A SF young adult attempt in the style or footsteps of Robert Heinlein. I'm having a blast writing as a thirteen-year-old! What a hoot! - which is a little above my average, I think.

So all-in-all it's been a busy two days. But I had to get the video finished. It was making me crazy! And I finally did. I uploaded it to my MySpace page - google seems to ignore vid uploads now and then - and it's finally done processing.

The music is from "Back To The Egg" by Paul McCartney and Wings. The song is "Daytime Nightime Suffering" and you know the subject in the images. I think you'll enjoy. If not, let me know!

The Sad Lady

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Anonymous said...

More McCartney, eh?

Hillary giving love?! Only to herself...

benning said...

Hehehee! Yeah, his lyrics lend themselves to so many othr things, y'know.

You know her handlers want you to believe she cares about you, Camo. She cares! Dammit!

Brooke said...

Benning, I don't know how you endured looking at all of those pics of Shrillary and the Philanderer-in-Chief!


Good job.

benning said...

Brooke: I do the tough things so I can bring the best to you!


WomanHonorThyself said...

bwhahahah!...ack ack ack my eyes hurt!

Tom said...

Have you been nominated for an Oscar?

Gayle said...

LOL Benning! That was outstanding, even if I did have to look at all those pics of the Clintons.

That was the first time hubby saw the picture of Bill and Hillary as beatniks. LOL! I had to assure him that was really Bill with the beard, and even put your video on puase at that point so he could get a good look at it. He knew they were radicals, he just didn't realize they ever looked that bad.

Thanks for taking the time and having the patience to do this. I really enjoyed it in spite of all the Hillary pics. :)

benning said...

Did anybody feel a tiny twinge of sadness for La Hillary? Just wondering.

Glad you enjoyed.

Brooke said...

Um, no!