Friday, January 04, 2008

I've Had Enough!

No, I ain't a-quittin'. That's the title of a Paul McCartney tune - with Wings - that kept running through my head while I read the Primary news. And it seemed to me that it might fit nicely with what I've been mumbling about this endless election-cycle for some time. So I cobbled together some images and slapped on the song, and here you are!

Have a listen. I think Patrick might even enjoy this old-fashioned-sounding Rock tune. Hope so!

I call the video "The Primary Blues".

The Primary Blues

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I've Had Enough
Paul McCartney & Wings

You're Talking To Me
From The Back Of My Car
And I Can't Get Nothing Right
And Then You Wonder
Why Stand At The Bar
Day And Night

I've Had Enough
I Can't Put Up With Any More
No No No No No No No
I've Had Enough
I Can't Put Up With Any More
No No No No No No No

You Stand Behind Me
With A Watch In Your Hand
And I Can't Get Nothing Done
Well, People Tell Me You're Punctual Man
But Come On
Come on!


I Earn The Money
And You Take It Away
When I Don't Know Where You're From
I Should Be Worried
But They Say It'll Pay For A Bomb

I've Had Enough Baby
You Know Sometimes
You Get A Little Weary
But If It Ever Happens Honey
You Just Come Along To Me
Because You Know

I've Had Enough
I Can't Put Up With Any More
No No No No No No No
I've Had Enough
I Can't Put Up With Any More
No No No No No No No

I've had enough!

You can also catch the video here.


Anonymous said...

You ain't seen nothin' yet...

benning said...

Camo: I know, I know. This nonsense will dominate the airwaves and the pages of the newspapers. And we'll know less than we know now about the candidates. And we'll get even sicker of it!

Sisiggy said...

We've been listening over and over to the same rhetoric for a year now. How can there be any new opinions? What is everyone "supposing" about? If, if, if, if, if...until November? Well, I guess they figure it's better than reruns during the writers' strike.

benning said...

Heheheee! I hadn't thought of that. Do we want the untalented scribblings of the TV writers or the empty rhetoric of the same old politicians?

Sheesh! A tough question, ain't it?

Joubert said...

The tune's okay but the lyrics express my sentiments exactly.

benning said...


I figured you might not hate it!

Batya said...

Seems like the campaign is even bigger than the job. Sort of like those couples who put more effort into the wedding than the marriage.

benning said...

Batya: That's exactly right! But for the winner, the payoff could be immeasurable. Clinton is now a very rich man.