Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Blogroll Retired

Stop Rudy Now! 150 pixelsidIf you scroll down you will find that my "Stop Rudy Now!" blogroll has been retired. That battle is over and he's quit the 2008 Presidential campaign. He's thrown his support to Senator John McCain and perhaps he now expects to be offered a position in a McCain administration. Let's hope McCain doesn't choose ol' Rudy for the Vice Presidential slot!

Giuliani's presidential campaign was possibly the lousiest political campaign this nation has ever seen. Skipping the early primaries and caucuses as being beneath his notice - Rudy must have figured he'd be unable to win any of those elections - Giuliani poured all his electioneering eggs into the Florida Republican Primary. All the political capital he had entering this campaign he frittered away. His debate appearances were not only pointless but showed his emptiness as a candidate.

I don't know who convinced him that his fortunes depended on a single primary, but that was the stupidest decision ever. People forgot all about him as the other candidates campaigned. The MSM kept inviting him on the Sunday morning Talking Head shows, as if he had something to say, but he would never say those somethings to the electorate. Somebody should have told Rudy Giuliani that the era of the Front Porch campaign died in the 1920s.

Would he have listened? Probably not. I certainly did not want Rudy Giuliani as the Republican Nominee. But this lackluster, error-filled, above-the-fray campaign of his was embarrassing to watch.

And now it's over and done with. We can ignore Rudy and not wonder what electoral mischief he'll get into. And we won't have to look at that inane grin during the next Republican debate.

So, the "Stop Rudy Now!" blogroll is history, and retired. Will Rudy retire now, too?

Farewell, Rudy! We hardly knew ye! At least as a campaigner!


Brooke said...

I am hoping against hope that Romney can somehow pull it out over McCain.

The latter is a nightmare; I'd vote for Hillary before him! At least you would know what you're getting!

Brooke said...

"He's thrown his support to Senator John McCain and perhaps he now expects to be offered a position in a McCain administration."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brooke...but can't help wondering why it took three comments to say that. :-)

Joubert said...

I just came over here to say that I'm deleting the Dump Rudy blogroll to make room for your new Mitt blogroll - and here are saying the same thing. Great minds etc. :)

I just added the Mitt roll.

benning said...

And I just turned your blogroll on! LOL

shoprat said...

The worst and the best are both gone.

WomanHonorThyself said...

YUP..its Romney now isnt it!:)

benning said...

O' Fred! We needed you!