Sunday, March 11, 2007

Change The Clocks!

Remember to set your clocks ahead TODAY!!! If you turned them ahead last night, well, you're smarter than I am. If not, remember: It is now Daylight Saving Time. So make sure you update your computer clock, VCR, wall clocks, watches, and so on. (Did I cover most of them?)

Have a wonderful Sunday, and a wonderful week!

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Found in the comments section of Sister Toldjah:
“I will not spend my money, time or however many heartbeats left in my life on idiot liberals. I will not buy their movies, listen to their music, visit their websites or watch them on TV any longer than the time it takes to change the channel. Life is far too short and precious to waste it in the company of fools.”

sign here ________________
date here___________________

I signed and dated it. No, it's not a petition, but a kind of declaration written by geezer. It says what I've been doing for some time, now. Why give my valuable time and hard-earned money to people who would happily destroy the very culture and nation that allows them such Freedom and such wealth? Not a chance!

Hey, copy and paste this into your own reply, either here, or over at Sister Toldjah's blog. And tell her benning sent ya!

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Victoria, over at Sundries, has a nice post regarding the statue of Margaret Thatcher inside the Houses of Parliament.
Made of solid bronze, she was overheard quipping, "They should have made it of iron".

Heh, quite right too, Maggie.
But of course, this begs the rather indelicate question...

What, if any part, will people rub on Lady Thatcher's statue? Perhaps a sense of delicacy will overcome even the rowdy MPs.

After all, it just wouldn't do to cop a feel on the redoubtable Iron Lady.

Head on over to Sundries and take a look. Don't forget to comment. You know we bloggers live for that! LOL

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Angel has a cute post on Arab Kvetching at Woman Honor Thyself. As she notes, with a neat link:
Canadian Mus–lims may launch a human rights complaint against soccer’s governing body after a Quebec referee ordered an 11-year-old girl to quit a tournament for refusing to remove her hij–ab.

Musl-ims grumble at Quebec soccer hij-ab ban

Sure, according to them they should simply discard : soccer’s Law 4, which says a player must not “use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself/herself or another player”.
(Curtsey and a tip of the hat: to Feyman)

Yup yup.

Surf to Angel's blog and have a good chuckle. A fun, insightful blog. Worth your time, friends.


Brooke said...

The clocks are set; I am on time!

I saw the piece at Angel's site; it's a classic example of wanting to have your cake and eat it, too.


vbspurs said...

I still HAVE HEAPS of clocks to set -- do you know how many VCRs, DVD players, and the like I have...and since I just admitted to owning over 40 designer watches on my blog, well.

The mind. It boggles.


Thanks for the link, Benning! I'm happy your readers saw that pic of Maggie T, looking bronzed. ;)

See you Thurs!

benning said...

Have a nice time, Vicks!

Brooke: I got up and wondered why the TV was showing the wrong show! I'd forgotten.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey there buddy!..I tripped over here and hark I saw the link to my site..youre a doll..thanks !! what time is it anyway?

benning said...

Angel, I haven't the foggiest! LOL

camojack said...

Daylight Saving Time?

benning said...

As always, Camo, the powers-that-be have moved beyond the original intent and into self-serving control. We no longer need oil lamps or candles to light our homes. The street lights aren't lit by a lamplighter.

Today the excuse is, "Kids are standing at dark bus-stops; we have to keep the children safe."

The solution to that is to stop spreading the school day from 6AM to 6PM. But the powers-that-be won't do that - it's not Politically Correct. Long Distance busing will continue, kids will continue to be out on the streets for hours each morning, and I'll continue to lose an hour each spring!