Thursday, March 15, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

The above is the result of setting up a "blog this" option at Flickr! which allows you to upload an image to Flickr! and post it to your blog from there. Seems the image size is limited to 240 pixels in width. Not that big a problem, I suppose. Big Header images, such as the ones I like to use, can be saved elsewhere, as I've done before.

This takes little time to set up. Worth your time, if you have the usual trubbles with blogger uploads. This also allows you to title your image, and so on. Flickr! sets up a sort of template that you can adjust a bit for your own use.

We'll see how well this goes, eh?

On another subject, my Sitemeter counter froze at 9,200 a few days back, then disappeared yesterday. Today it reappeared. But the number dropped to 8,625. Very odd. I discovered that I've been averaging 38 visits each day, which is a lot! For me, that is. So losing all those numbers rather cheeses me off. But whatcha gonna do? I could up the initial number of visits, I think, but that seems petty and has a whiff of cheating to it. Besides, the "TTLB Ecosystem" still calls me a Large Mammal. Granted, the ranking system does lean heavily on links - inbound and outbound - so having a blogroll or two can skew the numbers. But it's nice to be a Large Mammal, perhaps a prowling panther or a marauding bear, even though it's a bit like a Halloween costume.

Numbers aren't that big a deal. I wish more visitors would take the time to leave a comment or two, but I have regular visitors, just as I am a regular visitor to other blogs. And that means we're reading each other's work, thinking about it (sometimes practically copying it!), and being inspired, taught, surprised. And that's what I do, and why I blog: to present my take on things, no matter what the subject, as the mood strikes.

So, consider my numbers a fun thing, but not important, except as they effect my blog's functioning.

I found another interesting blog, by the way, called "Litterblog", which I visited for the very first time yesterday (instead of writing: I'm such a goof-off!), and commented at in a few of his posts. May I suggest that you take a gander? And don't forget to comment, even if it's simply to say, "Hello!" You blog! You know how nice it is to find a new comment. *wink*


camojack said...

Nice pictures, not that I find that surprising here...

benning said...

Why, thank you! LOL

Adam said...

Thanks for the link! I appreciate traffic wherever I get it from.

Beautiful pictures too.

benning said...

My pleasure, Adam. And thanks!