Thursday, January 18, 2007

What Hath New Jersey Wrought?

"I don't think the state should be in the business of telling districts to do every single thing." ~ John Adler, New Jersey state senator, co-sponsor of the anti-Veterans Day measure

One of the things I have thought would solve a few Legislative problems in this country would be the forbidding of amendments and riders to bills. Either the bill offered is what it is and says so, or it needs to be tossed. Tacking on crap at the end, especially unrelated items, hoping it will go un-noticed, hoping the bill is too popular to be voted down, is dishonest. The New Jersey State Legislature has shown just how despicable the practice is.

Unanimously - meaning every, single representative - the New Jersey Legislature passed a bill which contains one of the vilest amendments imaginable. Buried in a bill to control the state's rising property taxes, a measure was tacked on to repeal the earlier (1967) law which mandated the schools' observing of Veteran's Day. Designed to promote "the development of a higher spirit of patriotism", that earlier bill also was intended to teach the New Jersey students "about Columbus on Columbus Day, the Pilgrims around Thanksgiving Day, and even Commodore John Barry Day, which commemorates the Revolutionary War hero for whom a bridge is named, which spans the Delaware River to connect Bridgeport, N.J., to Chester, Pa."

Yes, the Left, in its never-ending zeal to demolish this nation, something it has tried to engineer through the Public Schools for a century or more, has managed to get passed a bill that would remove teaching some of the simpler historical items of our Country. Democrat Governer Jon Corzine has yet to say whether he will sign or veto this appalling bill. Normally I would say, "of course he'll veto this lunacy!" But with this modern, Politically correct Democrat Party, that is in question.

How has the beautiful state of New Jersey come to this? They voted for Frank Lautenberg, a non-candidate rammed onto the ballots when the actual candidate was befouled by corruption. That didn't phase the populace. The Democrats managed to name as State Poet Laureate, one Amiri Baraka, a bigoted, foul-mouthed, horrid example of a poet whose defense of his reputation when his odd poems actually came to light consisted of yet another anti-semitic, bigoted, Communist-inspired diatribe. This is merely the tip of the iceberg of the Democrat-Party-inspired lunacy taking place in Trenton. For a small taste of Baraka's defense:
The recent dishonest, consciously distorted and insulting non-interpretation of my poem, “Somebody Blew Up America” by the “Anti-Defamation” League, is fundamentally an attempt to defame me. And with that, an attempt to repress and stigmatize independent thinkers everywhere.
This trashy propaganda is characteristic of right-wing zealots who are interested only in slander and character assassination of those whose views or philosophies differ from or are in contradiction to theirs.
First, the poem underlying theme focuses on how Black Americans have suffered from domestic terrorism since being kidnapped into US chattel slavery, e.g., by Slave Owners, US & State Laws, Klan, Skin Heads, Domestic Nazis, Lynching, denial of rights, national oppression, racism, character assassination, historically, and at this very minute throughout the US. The relevance of this to Bush call for a “War on Terrorism”, is that Black people feel we have always been victims of terror, governmental and general, so we cannot get as frenzied and hysterical as the people who while asking us to dismiss our history and contemporary reality to join them, in the name of a shallow “patriotism” in attacking the majority of people in the world, especially people of color and in the third world.
You can read the rest of it if you care to. I read his "poem" before. Utter garbage. But the Dems thought he was just peachy-keen! And still the populace of New Jersey elect that party to office!

And now comes this act, which I consider scarcely short of treason, and wonder where the voices of reason in New Jersey are. Where are the protestors on the steps of the Capital building? Where the outraged calls for impeachment? Are there no Patriots left in New Jersey?
Hank Adams, a New Jersey Veterans of Foreign Wars adjutant and a veteran of the Army and Coast Guard, said of the proposed law, "It's not right. (Students) are not going to know the sacrifices that were made so they can enjoy the protections that they have." Other veterans groups are petitioning Gov. Corzine not to sign the bill. But after campaigning on a pledge not to raise taxes and then reversing himself shortly after taking office, Corzine has already proved how out of touch he can be with average voters.

And so have the Democrats, in New Jersey as well as throughout the nation at large. Out of touch. Divorced from reality. Hateful, power hungry, willing to toss America aside if it suits their aims, and at times evil. And there's no other way an American could truly describe this odious measure. It is evil. Will the Governor veto it? Or will he cave to Party demands? Will the patriotic Democrats fight this measure? Or will they surrender, too? Time will tell.

Thanks to Angel for bringing this up!


camojack said...

You do know why all the trees along the Delaware lean to the East, right?

Always On Watch said...

On Monday, Martin Luther King Day, the WaPo ran an article which spoke of how the establishment of Monday holidays has watered down historicl understanding of each of those Monday holidays. These are now vacation and shopping days, instead of commemoratives.

Do schools anywhere in the United States pause any long at 11:00 on November 11? If so, I haven't heard of that practice, which was the norm in the 50s and into the 60s--before the left's pacifism took over.

Brooke said...

This is one of the most disgusting things I have EVER heard!

Eric said...

Wow... that poem is sick, and the product of a genuinely sick mind-- to say nothing of the soul!

I would like to be more optimistic about our future, but I don't hold out much hope for this nation. Liberalism is too entrenched. Liberalism has raised at least 3 generations since the sixties, and each successively worse than that which spawned it. America is too concerned with 60" flat-screens (I'd like one too!), Britney's bald-beast (don't ask me how I know it's bald, please!), the next American Idol, and what Jennifer Anniston wore to the most recent awards show........... We are a nation of porn addicts; palms and fingers perpetually slick with the orgasmic stink of our multi-hued individual lusts... sorry to wax poetic.

Conservatives see within each citizen the capacity for greatness, and expects each to exercise the opportunities granted by this great nation to not only better themselves, but the nation as well.

Liberals see nothing good in its citizenry, only beasts that need to be controlled, numbered, allotted, and wholly dependant on the benevolent masters of Government... preferably a liberal government. Can anyone say "Animal Farm"?

And the problem isn't that Conservatives don't speak out loudly enough. No, we shout just fine. The problem is that Liberals control the courts and the schools. Every graduating class of high school seniors is the product of Liberalism's own personal breeding program, ala Frank Herberts "Bene Geserit" (haven't read the book? You can't die without first reading 'Dune'! Although, if you knew you were dying and had to choose between the Bible and 'Dune', for a last read, please choose the Bible). And Liberalism's goal is no different... to produce a Kwisatz Haderach of their own-- a generation that can in two places at once: In the hallowed halls of world citizenry, and the Liberal Plantation of subservience and resignation; A P.C. Killing Fields to rival that of the Khmer Rouge-- and every bit as deadly!

That is the door this country is moving inexorably toward. Nothing Conservatives have done thus far has abated that headlong rush. And above that door, when Amnerica get its first good glimpse, will read the epitaph Dante ascribed to the gates of Hell...

"Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter!"

No, I'm not a big fan of Liberalism.

Apologies for the excessive verbage... Please don't get me started on the Democratic hopes for a resurrection of the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" !!

Gayle said...

Dang, Benning! This is really discouraging. Lets hope that piece of crap doesn't pass. Let's hope that other piece of crap doesn't become the front runner of the Democratic Party for the Presidency; Hillary is bad enough!