Thursday, August 24, 2006

Readings Worth Your Time

Surfing through the blogosphere, there're some good posts out there that some of you may have missed. There's never enough time to stay up-to-date with all the posts out there - I sometimes have to catch up with favorite blogs days after the fact - but these are some that you will probably find thought-provoking at the very least.

Angel starts us off with "Semper Fidelis", which ought to make you cheer! Then brings us "Inspiration" and the most famous WWII photograph of all.

Anna reported on the doings of the Stow City Council and now has an update with, "Sometimes It Works". We'll see how long it works, eh? She sobers us all up with "No Mercy".

Sister Toldjah has "linkie winkie" which rounds up some of her favorite blogs for you. That's what I need: more blogs! LOL She also wants to know "Do you think John Mark Karr killed JonBenet?" What do you think?

"Trusting New Media over Big Media?" is the Anchoress' look at "The issue of where the professional press is headed..." and she does her usual thoughtful job.

The Right Place shows us "The Terrorism Bounce" and also brings us the results of the latest caption contest. Hey, I made Honorable Mention! Whoo-Hoo! ;)

Patrick at Born Again Redneck would like to live a bit longer, as he tells us in "World’s oldest person turns 115" and also takes a look at the Amaryllis with "Naked ladies and hippie ass trims". Beautiful photos! While reading Patrick's "Human-cockroach Hybrids" I followed his link to an earlier post for insightful history of his native land. For a History lover, "The first inhabitants of South Africa" is a fascinating, all-too-short read.

By the way, if you use blogger, and you would like to do trackbacks, even though blogger doesn't support trackbacks, here's a solution: Go to the Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger and give it a spin. It seems to have a hard time working with Haloscan, but seems to work well with other platforms like WordPress. I keep an image link for the Wizbang Pinger on my sidebar.

Sues of Sues Views, and her Marine brother, Jarhead John, are making t-shirts for you to purchase, so you can join us in the "Red Shirt Fridays" movement. This is a non-political thing, folks. Pro-, Anti-, it doesn't matter. If you do support American troops, and the sacrifice they are making to protect us all, why not show it? Wear a red shirt every Friday. Sues and Jarhead John offer you an easy way to get a red shirt.

Along with other solid posts, Bloviating Zeppelin presents "Victory?" Short, well-written, to-the-point. Very good!


WomanHonorThyself said...

Great overview hun especially the articles by Angel..LOL..thanks!

Brooke said...

Man, that's quite a list!

ABFreedom said...

Very cool ... I'll have to check some of these out, and thanks for the wizbang tip. I'll give it a shot.

camojack said...

But what about Mongo?!

Anonymous said...

Great round-up benning and thanks for the double mention!

Sues said...

Nice list Benning, and thanks for mentioning the Red Fridays Blog!!

Dardin Soto said...

There is nobody better stylistically than you. I just got back from a pause in my blogging for personal reasons and I feel Ive caught on on things mostly due to your blog. Great stuff! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

You have way more patience than I do that's for sure to link all of those. Good job.

benning said...

A link post from me merely means I have nothing in my own noggin to report. So I read the posts of others and post links so you have a chance to read some good noggin results! LOL

It's easy to do. I have an idea for a 'Global Warming' post, but it will take a lot of transposing and such. Dunno if I want to go through all that!


But I have two days off and a possible Tropical Storm to keep me company. Maybe I should roll up my sleeves and do it, huh? ;)