Friday, May 26, 2006

We, The People, Have Been Sold Out!

by the Senators of this great nation! Strange thing to say? Well listen to this, my friends. By a vote of 56 - 41, the United States Senate passed an amendment :

(Amendment Number: S.Amdt. 4188 to S. 2611 (Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 )
Statement of Purpose: To improve the bill. )

What does this amendment to improve the bill say? Well, among other things it says this:

"Consultation Requirement.—Federal, State, and local representatives in the United States shall consult with their counterparts in Mexico concerning the construction of additional fencing and related border security structures along the international border between the United States and Mexico, as authorized by this title, before the commencement of any such construction in order to—

    (1) solicit the views of affected communities;

    (2) lessen tensions; and

    (3) foster greater understanding and stronger cooperation on this and other important security issues of mutual concern."

Wanna protect the security of the United States at her southern border? Well, you'll have to ask Mexico what she thinks about it first. That's right! Our United States Senators, who we pay, who work for us, decided that Mexico has a say in what we do.

Believe that the US government gives a rat's ass about you, or what you want? Guess again. Think they care about the illegal immigration problem? Think they're going to fix the problem? Maybe even address it with some intelligent ideas for once? Don't hold your breath!

We, the people, of the United States, have been sold out by our elected representatives in the United States Senate. Can the House of Representatives be far behind?

As Moonbattery has said: "The last issue to face America that was as critical as the Mexican invasion was slavery. In the years before the Civil War, Democrats had no interest in putting an end to slavery. The well-established Whig Party didn't have the guts to address it. So those Whigs who did have the guts formed the Republican Party, which produced Lincoln, and put an end to both slavery and the Whigs.

It's time for history to repeat itself. As before the Civil War, nothing good is going to come out of the Democratic Party. It is diseased down to the tips of its roots. Many Republicans understand that America is worth preserving, not just until we get ours, but until our children get theirs, and on for the next generation, and the next and the next. But there are many other Republicans who do not have the integrity to hold to this view, and with Democratic support, they have the leverage to betray us by refusing to defend the country from foreign invasion.

Unless we are able to get the likes of Specter, McCain, and W out of the driver's seat in the immediate future, it's time to get off the bus and find some other form of transportation — a new party that will serve the country's interests."

How about the American Liberty Party? Anyone care to start the new party off with a candidate? I can think of a few things to create the first platform:

    1) Small Government based solely on the US Constitution. If it's not authorized by the US Constitution, then it is illegal for the Federal Government to do.

    2) Adoption of the Fair Tax. See Representative Linder, or Neal Boortz for more information.

    3) English is the Official language of the United States of America and shall be the language used for all government transactions. No ballots shall be printed in any language but English.

    4) Elected Officials who leak information, outside government channels, for the purpose of party agrandizement, shall be considered to have committed Treason and shall be charged and tried.

    5) No Judge in the United States shall legislate from the bench. This is a violation of the US Constitution and shall be prosecuted as malfeasance.

    6) All laws regarding Immigration shall be enforced throughout the United States. Any municipality, or State to fail to enforce these Laws shall be considered to be in Rebellion and shall be subject to Martial Law.

How's that for a start? Harsh? Probably. And after I sleep on this I may regret the tone. But right now, I am angry at my government. I am livid at the self-serving cowards who would sell our birthright for the chance to be re-elected by people who don't belong here, and should not be able to vote here, and wil find a way to vote, with the cooperation and connivance of Democrats and Republicans now holding elected office. I want them all to be voted out!

Start with Arlen Specter, and Dennis Hastert, throw in Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy just for a rousing beginning.

I have no illusions that this is going to happen, but it ought to!

It ought to!

May GOD Bless this Nation and watch over her, because she is being betrayed!


Always On Watch said...

I knew the sell-out was coming, but the knowing didn't make it any easier.

I hate to visualize what America will be like in 10 years!

Anonymous said...

Excellent points, but in your ecoriation of the Senators who have sold us down the proverbial drain -don't forget George Bush -he is the main impetus behind this sell-out of America.

Frist and McCain may wish to reconsider their chances of attaining the presidency. McCain and Graham may have to be the third party candidates next time because there appears to be nothing but revulsion at him coming from the conservative base -he's a despicable person.

The "big tent" of the Republican party is nothing but a three ring circus!

benning said...

GW has his own weaknesses and blind spots in all this, but this was a Senate disgrace. I expect the House to work a similar mostrosity soon.

In 10 years let us hope we've thrown the jerks out and replaced them with Patriots and thinkers for a change.

Anna said...

I'm hoping that the love of power will keep the House from caving in to the Senate. They both want to be "the big boys" and if the House abides by the Senate's crappy ideas, it makes them mere stooges and they don't ever want to be considered subordinates to the Senators.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Great posting and I will link to this one...sell out is an understatement hun!

ABFreedom said...

Great post, and from what I see here, your third party idea is desperately needed. Your two primary parties seem to be to powerful to care about anything that you the people want. We made changes up here.... your turn ... ;-)

benning said...

The problem now is, can the country survive another Democratic takeover? If so, then it's time to relegate the Republicans to history with the Whigs.

Sad, but the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt has become a shadow of itself and is practically hand-in-hand with the Socialist swing of the Democrats. The Grand Old Party is the Grumpy/Gimpy Other Party.

blogagog said...

I'm also at the height of my disillusionment with the Republicans. I voted for Republicans because I am generally conservative. When and why did my conservative Republican party, resurrected by Reagan, die again?

What the heck can we do when Republicans spend money like Democrats, ignore American's wishes of closing the borders, turn a deaf ear to pleas to open ANWR and relieve energy needs ever so slightly, etc, etc, etc.

I think I might have political despair. My party finally is in power in 2, and soon all 3 branches of government, but they clearly have no intention of doing things I helped elect them to do.