Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Apologies? We Don't Give No Stinkin' Apologies!"

Do the newspapers have nothing pertinent to say?

I ask because I seem to see the same garbage as headlines and above-the-fold stories, that are interesting, but hardly news. At least not news by normal standards. What I see, for instance, from the self-proclaimed ‘Best Newspaper in Florida’ and ‘10th Best Newspaper in America’ is pretty much standard fare for a tabloid.

Not that The St. Petersburg Times is as entertaining as ‘The Globe’, or ‘The National Enquirer’. Even ‘The Star’ is more enjoyable. But when we read the tabloids we aren’t actually expecting to read ‘news’, now are we? No. When we read tabloids we expect the odd, the weird, and the downright nonsensical. And when we read the morning newspaper, we expect to read news: information about what happened in the town, state, Nation, and World yesterday. We expect to read updates on that information as they occur, and we do expect to read analysis of some news items. We also expect to read Editorials – Opinions! – and Letters to the Editor.

What don’t we expect in a morning newspaper, or shouldn’t we expect? Sensationalism masquerading as vital news of the day. Editorializing on the front page called Analysis, when it is not analysis except in the greatest stretch of the imagination. We don’t expect to read headlines that take shots at one political or religious group, while we also read headlines that stroke another political or religious group.

Sound sensible? Does it remind you of the kind of newspaper you read? Or one you wish you read?

The MSM is constantly re-examining itself to discover why the readership is down, why the Network viewership is falling, why listeners are not supporting the Radio programs they think we should be supporting (NPR anyone?). This happens so often that it is difficult if not impossible, to take these ‘mea culpas’ seriously anymore.

When the MSM lost their minds and any semblance of fairness during the Katrina fiasco, they seemed to realize that something had gone terribly wrong, didn’t they? Did any of the Networks apologize for their huge mistakes? No? What about the newspapers, such as the Washington Post, or the NYTimes? Not really, huh? No, they just put their heads down and kept on with the Party line, didn’t they?

And haven’t they done precisely that each time they have failed in such a spectacular way? Yep. They have.

“Oh, how did we get the election projections so wrong?”

“How could the polling have been so far off?”

“How could ragtag, under-fed, ill-equipped soldiers of the US Armed Forces possibly defeat the 10th most powerful armed forces in the World?” – (They did that one twice, Folks!)

And so on and on.

The local newspaper here, The St. Petersburg Times, is owned by The Poynter Institute, “The Poynter Institute is a school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalists.” And what does a school of Journalism turn out? Socialists. Who write for newspapers, magazines, news networks, and so on.

If you doubt that, consider this: most journalists (we used to call them reporters, when they reported what was happening) consider it their job and duty, to shape – mold – public opinion. And the molding they push is that of World Socialism. Sounds like the products of Teaching Schools, doesn’t it?

I know when I read the newspaper – I don’t read one daily anymore, nor do I subscribe any longer, I’ll be damned if I’ll put money into the pockets of A$$Hats like those at the SPTimes! – I get very frustrated by the innuendoes that get by the editors, the boosterism of a particular political party – and a particular wing of it – that are acceptable to the editors, the misleading headlines – that say A, but describe M, thus attempt to mislead the readers who just skim articles – that are never corrected (not in big type, right?), pictures of those they dislike (hate) taken in bad lighting or in embarrassing detail, while showing pictures of those they support(love) in heroic poses, and favorable lighting.

Boosterism is fine in the Sports pages. Don’t have a problem with that at all. I don’t live in Cincinnati. I don’t expect to read in depth articles about the starting pitcher of the Reds, or the make-up of the offensive line of the Bengals. ‘The Sporting News’ is for that kind of fanatic. Even the mild pushing of projects that benefits the local community or the State has its place. That’s how parks, playgrounds, The Pinellas Trail get built.

But pushing the political agenda of some tiny, Leftist, minority group with big mouths and threats to match is unconscionable. That isn’t news. Not unless that group is being arrested, investigated, or paid off. We need to know that.

Boosting – cheerleading – a National Political Party, and denouncing, in blanket terms, another Political Party is not news. It is pushing an agenda. Increasingly it is pushing a decidedly anti-American agenda. At times, in my opinion, it borders, and even crosses the line, on treason.

Think I’m paranoid? Well, I may be. But the MSM has cozied up to Communists and Communism for nearly a century. The love affair the MSM has held with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara has continued despite the facts of those individuals bloodthirsty nature, their heinous crimes, their truly malevolent activities since 1958. The lies Castro told, which the MSM reported, breathlessly, as truth, have long since been exposed. Indeed, they were exposed at the time! Yet the MSM ignored the truth and continued with their favorite “Hide The Commie” labeling. Fidel was an ‘Agrarian Reformer’, just as was Mao before him, as was Ho Chi Minh, and every other bloody dictator of the Left.

Has the MSM ever apologized for their own roles in the furtherance of the destiny of these horrid men and their regimes? Nope.

Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)? Another one. Agrarian Reformer? Yep! Has the media ever told the whole truth about what has happened in Zimbabwe since Mugabe and his Communists took power? No. Of course not. We don’t expose the bloodshed and outright state-sanctioned murders of our heroes, do we?


The MSM can trumpet BS (Barbara Streisand, as Rush says! LOL) such as the Gospel of Judas, push the value of ‘The DaVinci Code’ as it attacks the very foundation of Christianity, and demand apologies for imagined slights and imagined insults from those they wish defeated in the public arena, or dead and forgotten. But apologize? For absolute errors on their part?

Never! Because to apologize, in any sincerity, means the very foundation of the modern MSM must be examined, for all to see. And that rotten base of lies and distortions would never hold up under public scrutiny.

Thus, when I read the newspaper, I know they have nothing pertinent to say. Yet, like most Americans, I keep on hoping!


WomanHonorThyself said...

Sensationalism masquerading as vital news of the day..bout sums it up!..great read!

benning said...

Well, I think it rambles a tad, but then, I ramble all the time, huh? LOL

Thanks for stopping by again, Angel. :)