Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Some Links: Good Articles, Good Friends

From Right Wing News:
America Did Not Squander What It Never Had

"This old yarn has been in circulation since 9/12/01: the USA squandered the world’s goodwill after 9/11. It irritated me then, and now it enrages me. Not because it’s untrue - that, at least, I could forgive with a little education. No, it angers me because it says something about our enemies that nobody is willing to say:

If it takes a terrorist attack to make countries feel beneficent toward the USA, those countries are not your friends."

From The Anchoress:
“Losing, to win” - pretty shortsighted

"I can’t think that embracing the negative, “let’s lose this year” is the way to go. It didn’t exactly work out for us in ‘92, did it?

Good heavens, I was a Democrat in ‘92, and no, it didn’t work out well, for me…"

From Oh, How I Love Jesus!:

"I have no idea why the pastor chose to wear a PLAID coat. I think he imagined a golf wedding. It’s here I will note that had it been a golf wedding - I would have CLUBBED him for his outfit.

Also, my aunts got an enormous kick out of the ducks in the pond conjugating their relationship while my husband and I took vows. I thought they were giggling at us. I wondered about it, but tried to focus. My poor groom began his poem to me, a poem by Robert Herrick that contained the words “Bid me love and I will love or bid me die and I will die, I will dare even death to die for thee.” Except all he could say was 'Bid me, bid me, bid me…'"

From Cuban-American Pundits:
The castro Publicity Machine...

"I don't understand why his statements are picked up by the media. There's incontrovertible evidence of the Human Rights abuses and repression in Cuba yet he still maintains that there's no dissent on the island. He's the Cuban version of Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi information minister that denied that the Americans we controlling Iraq while the U.S. tanks were rolling behind him."

From Sister Toldjah:
Nah, they’re not trying to indoctrinate kids about sexual orientation, are they?

"If you’re a Republican who has ever gotten into a debate with an staunch advocate of teaching sexual education - including sexual orientation - in public schools, I’m sure you’ve heard the excuse of “the schools aren’t trying teaching kids to be homosexuals, they’re just teaching tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle.” It’s not an accurate statement, but it’s one they make nevertheless."

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