Saturday, January 07, 2006

Not so hard, but ... Reposted

Well, it seems this isn't terribly difficult to do, supposing one has a lot of opinions and plenty of time to express them. I have the opinions, but not so much the time. Free time I use reading blogs, writing - or attempting to - my novel, and just generally goofing off. That's me - a goof off.

Now, I do have a completed novel, at a publisher, waiting to be readied for the buying public. As I understand it, my book is behind another that is having some production problems. Were this a large publisher I doubt my book would be held up. However this is a very small publisher, with limited resources. So what was supposed to be a December publishing date is now, tentatively, a January publishing date. Make sense? LOL

Fact is, the manuscript was accepted in Late May 2005. By all rights I would not have expected it to hit the shelves for nearly eighteen months, anyway. Seems they liked it enough to put an editor on it right away. And then we struggled with revision and corrections for a few months. Sometimes it was fun. Sometimes it was hell.

Trust me, after you've written a novel, gone through it for errors, had it read by people whose judgement you trust, revised the daylights out of it, and sent it to a publisher ... well ... you are damned well tired of it. The last thing you want to do is look at it again. And again, and again, and ... Get the idea?

From my main editor, the manuscript went to two others. Same things from them. My choice was always make the changes or don't. "It's your book, benning. You decide."

After the three of them were finished, guess what? HAH! One more editor. AND I was asked what sort of cover I wanted.

"Can I do my own?"

"Well, we do have someone who's done a few covers for our authors." And I just know they're thinking, "Oh, Lord, he's gonna do a cover in Sharpie and crayons!"

"Well, lemme give it a shot, and you decide if it sucks or not, okay?" Yes, I did say that. Hey! I used to be a fair hand with a pencil, and painted some nice pictures in my youth. Well, I did! Hmmmph!

Here's the main picture I worked up. Not too bad, is it? Be brutal!

Image hosted by

This is my work, folks. My sketch, my arrangement, my cover. Any good? well, I hope so. Besides it's the inside that counts, right?

My novel is "Benning's War". It's a novel about the American Revolution. I think it's quite good. I hope once it's published that you buy a copy. AND that you agree that it's good.

My publisher is Image hosted by ePress Online is a small publisher, but they're growing. Why not visit them? See if the books now available aren't interesting enough to buy? I know most of the authors there, and they write some entertaining things. The non-fiction books are well worth the small price, too!

Go! Buy! Come back and see if I'm on sale yet, too! LOL


Ron said...

Benning, how exciting for you that you've published your novel! I, too, am working on a novel...

Do you have a second novel in the works?

Thanks for your comment at Fluffy Stuffin'...

benning said...

Hiya, ron! I have two in the works, which means I ain't close to finished!

What's the genre of yours?

Saw you at neo's blog, and checked the profile. Saw the URL for your blog. That's one way to find new blogs, right? Heheheee!

Ron said...

uhhh...I'm not sure what my genre is! People who've been reading my chapters say it sounds like Confederacy of Dunces which I haven't (and now won't) read until I'm done...

I could send you a sample if you like!

benning said...

Please do! *rubs hands together* Whoo, boy! :D

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me.(not that its hard to do) That was a nicely done job. But what's wrong with a sharpie and crayons? Seriously though it is a nice cover,and I can't wait for it.

benning said...

Unfortunately, when the image - background - was blown up to fit a full sized cover, the color washed out and became a kind of yellowish-green. *sigh*

Maybe in the future I can get a real parchment look to it, eh?

Thanks, meat!