Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Eyes Of The Beholder

Look, I know that we all have different taste. In many things. Food, Music, Art, Writing. Well, you name it. I know people who, honestly, enjoy eating Brussels Sprouts! Can you imagine? *shudder*

So, when I hear supposed 'smart' people denigrating things, simply because they exist for, or appeal to, the 'common man', I have a pretty good idea that they are elitist snobs who need to eat some Nachos, sip some cold beer, watch some Three Stooges short films. Why do they need these things, or something similar? Because they've been poisoned.

Yep! Poisoned! Ever hear this, or something like this: "If you have to ask what it is, you just don't understand 'art'."

I have. Oh, not aimed at me! Nosir! I don't usually parade my plebian tastes to the Elite, y'know? But I've heard it. What that person usually means is, "I have no idea what it is, but the label says it is 'Peace' (or 'Horse with Love Ankles' or 'Heart Sack One' or ... see?) and I'm not going to look foolish by saying it looks like a twenty pound slab of bacon, dipped in chocolate, and dropped from a twenty-story building."

Thus, the Elite have denigrated Norman Rockwell for ages. They poo-pooed Maxfield Parrish. The composer of "The Nutcracker Suite", Tchaikovsky, was nothing. And so on, for many creative people whose only crime was to create things - music, art, poetry, books - that everybody understood and enjoyed.

This is a painting that I enjoy. It's "Garden Of Prayer" by Thomas Kinkade.

Image hosted by

Not my favorite, mind you. My favorite is Maxfield Parrish's "Moonlight". But this I find beautiful. Thomas Kinkade is a solid, talented painter. He's found a niche in the market, and his fans love him. Therefore, to the Elite, he's dull and his work is garbage.

The same is true of some of the most popular novelists. When did you last read the book that won the Nobel prize for literature?

Thought so.

Can you look at the above and not enjoy it? Be honest, now.


Ghost Dansing said...

That's a really nice picture. I never saw an MP that looks so bright and glowing; almost transluscent. I remember all the posters.

Ghost Dansing said...

Oops...I read more closely...Kinkaid.

benning said...

Ahhh, what I wouldn't give for a print of MP's "Moonlight".

Karen Schmautz said...

I like Thomas Kinkade. He's from my neck of the woods, in fact, my brother was his brother's best friend when they were growing up (he was a real pest and now he's a prof at Berkeley.) Many of TK's paintings depict the areas where I live. He moved from here (Sierras near Tahoe) several years ago and he lives near Monterey now.

I like the ones he painted of Placerville the best. They are not so flowery and fairy-like.

benning said...

I intend to post a few more if I can. I like Kinkade. To hell with the critics!

Know anymore famous folks?